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(73) Top Ten Moments These The 100 Fans Want Rewritten

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This week's topic: FANDOM FREEBIE!

***also spoilers for TV show!!***


Fanfic is such a huge part of any fandom. Tumblr is a smorgasbord of alternate universes and fandom crossovers (I could fall down a rabbit hole of The 100 characters going to Hogwarts for daaaays). I don't super consider myself part of The 100 fandom, because I don't get involved. I've heard some horror stories, and a lot of it it is about the ships. We 100 fans are *very* intense about our ships. 

AAAANYWAY. *clears throat* Erica, Shannon, and I thought it'd be fun to do these posts together since we so obviously need to spend more time talking about this show. Haha. And mine is all about scenes we'd rewrite or change just slightly, where the alternate universe is the better one. And please check out theirs too if you want to see what our favorite crackships are and what characters we wish had been floated.
gifs AND graphic made by Shannon. bc she is AWESOME.


My 3 Wishes
(1) "Clarke. If I don't see you again...," Making Bellamy finish that sentence! Listen. Scenes like this make me anxious, because it's like, c'mon life is not guaranteed just say what you're thinking already! And with these two, it has never been a good time for any heart to hearts, so they have to take them while they can. I hate that Clarke put a stop to it. I know she's confident that they'll survive, but damn if I'm not happy that the writers chose to leave it hanging like that.

Okay variations of the ending to that:
1. "...just know that I have always loved you, princess."
2. see #1 

(2) Wells not dying that early. I got through his death. It's whatever. But seriously, having Charlotte kill him *right after* Clarke learned the truth and they became best friends again? SO UNBELIEVABLY COLD. They could've waited a bit, yeah? Clarke and Wells barely got to be friends again. It was so unfair to Clarke especially, because she had to carry around the knowledge that she blamed and hated him for nothing, and it took away precious time they had. Sadness. SUCH SADNESS.

(3) Monty never killing his mom. I haaaated Hannah, and I hated how she manipulated Monty's feelings to get him on Pike's side. So I didn't really care that she was killed. I just didn't like that it was Monty who did it. This precious cinnamon role was so good and pure, and the writers just stole the last bit of innocence he had. He doesn't SEEM to be that fucked up over it, but I don't believe that, and it's gonna come back around and hit him really hard. And tbh, I just wish that scene would've played out differently.

Shannon's AUs
(1) Okay- the Riley/Azgeda scene (and let's be real, ALL Riley scenes that were initially supposed to be Bryller scenes). See, he isn’t supposed to BE HERE. I knew he didn’t make any sense. ::Grumbles:: It was like… “Farm Station and blond hair, sure, he’ll do!”. No no no. Holly said, in reaction to this new information- “Like Meg said, it doesn’t work because we have no attachment to him”. Exactly. I just yelled at my TV “come on Monty, just shoot him already!” because I give zero fucks if he lives or dies. In fact, maybe death is the better option. Because then I can be done with him.

(2) When Lincoln betrays Bellamy in the tunnels at Mount Weather ( EPISODE 2.10 “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST”). It didn't make SENSE to me in the story. First, Lincoln wouldn't have done it to Octavia, he just wouldn't have- especially after they literally had to kill him and bring him back to life. But mostly, the fact that he DID do it brought NOTHING to the story. Bellamy still got in, O didn't ever seem to care what happened when he told her, and Bellamy never mentioned it again. PLUS, Lincoln didn't get addicted again. So... what was the point of the betrayal exactly?

(3) Octavia having sex with Ilian in 4x07, Gimme Shelter. It just... didn't need to happen. She isn't ready for that. Her soulmate just died, okay? She loved him too much to want to have sex with some dude she almost killed 30 minutes before that. Also, they have no chemistry. In my rewrite, they would sit around the fire, talk about the shitty hands they'd been dealt, and Ilian would be a GREAT FRIEND for her, and someone who she could finally open up to about Lincoln's death, in a moderately healthy manner, since he wasn't someone who knew her while Lincoln was still alive. There was SO MUCH potential for an awesome platonic relationship, and Shannon is pissed.

Erica's Desired Changes
(1) I have realized that all the moments I want to change are people dying. I just feel like these characters could have added so much more to the show and that they deserved so much more. Their lives ended too fast and without any closure and I am one frustrated cookie. ANYA. I really loved her and I think she added such an amazing aspect to the show. She was one bad-ass character and I loved seeing her grow throughout the episodes. I not only loved her character by herself, but I loved her character's relationship with Bellamy and that could have been wonderful. There was just more that she could have offered. I think she was killed off because there was only room for one bad-ass grounder leader and that was Lexa. Anyway, she deserved better.

(2) WALLACE. Now, I don't necessarily think he deserved better, but I do think that he could have had some type of good addition the the rest of the show. I really loved his character. He was a bad guy, in a sense, but he was one of the better ones. He didn't agree with Cage and the other's, but he still wanted what was best for his people, just like Clarke. I feel like he would have been willing to do anything to make their two worlds collide (in a good way).

(3) NYKO. GOD DAMMIT, HE DESERVED BETTER. SO MUCH BETTER. I have loved Nyko from the very beginning. He always helped Skaikru and still was able to do what is best for his people. The way he died...just no. It was so lackluster. If he was going to die he should have died doing something meaningful. I know that some may say well he saved Luna, but there was just meh. Plus, I feel like there was so much going on at the time that we didn't get to deal with him dying. He deserved us to mourn him.

Our Collective Rewrite
WE WANT LINCOLN BACK. I know Shannon brought up a good point about it being Ricky's choice to leave the show, but like, I don't super care. I loved him so much, and I miss his character. I know Erica and Shannon do, too. His death kills us every time we rewatch. And gah, Octavia. Her pain is k i l l i n g me this season. If I could go back and change anything on this show, it's Lincoln's death. I'm still just so sad about it. Whatever the hell we want, right?! :D

What are some of YOUR favorite fandoms? Do you write/read fanfic? And if you're a 100 fan, which things would YOU want to change? :) 

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