Tuesday, April 25, 2017

(74) Top Ten Things That Make Me Not Want to Read a Book

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This week's topic: Top Ten Things That Make Me Not Want to Read a Book.


Ooh, let's talk about my pet peeves, man. I just wrote a post recently about the things that make me want to read a book asap. But I haven't done one about things I hate. So, here we goooo. Also it just so happens that I've been cleaning up my Goodreads to-read list recently, so I am realizing there definitely are certain tropes/themes that I'm just about done with and want gone forever.

1. Vampires/werewolves/fae/angels/mermaids/etc. aka paranormal stories after the post-Twilight hype. They were all about mysterious dudes and MCs who find out about their supernatural secrets and fall in love despite that and BLAH. I'm over them. I can't tell you how many I moved to the "unsure-lost-interest" pile. I do still love angel stories, though. But I have a hard time finding unique ones anymore.

2. Teacher/student romances. This one is definitely a ~me~ thing. I have ISSUES with this trope, and I don't think I've liked a story with this relationship in it. I have a hard time accepting them. I believe teenagers know themselves and their feelings the best, but I also don't like the uneasy power dynamic in situations like this. And some adults prey on teens. It's gross.

3. Alternately, romances between adults and teenagers. If the teen is over 18, it's not as squicky for me. (Ironically, I just read a book with a romance between an 18 year old girl and a nearly 40 year old guy, and I don't know why I do this to myself). But any age below that, and it's almost a 100% guarantee that I won't read it.

4. Also. Romances between siblings. I would love to understand why Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma is such a beloved book, but I cannot bring myself to read it. It grosses me out. I even tend to stay away from romances between step-siblings or adopted siblings. There is still just such an ick factor for me. I don't know if it will ever NOT be.

5. Synopses that need to quit. I am nooot at all opposed to love triangles, but if I see one talking about the best friend good human versus the bad boy who the MC is inexplicably drawn to even though she hates him, I'm like not again. Also of course, this MC is the Chosen One with special powers (also not opposed to this trope, it's one of my favorites). I've read and seen these same stories over and over again throughout the years. I'm tired. Give me something new.

6. Hearing about girl-on-girl hate. Like, can we just all agree that it should die out in books? I get that it IS realistic, especially in high school settings. But C'MON. It's only going to continue to reinforce the idea that other women are competition, and teenagers do NOT need to keep hearing that. I want awesome friendships and girls supporting each other and it being a priority over love interests. 

7. Slut shaming. Kind of falls into the above category, but something that deserves its own spot because it reinforces rape culture and the double standards women have to fight every single day when it comes to sex. It's SO harmful and it does not need to exist. Ever. And if it's the (male) love interest doing it? Oh, fuck no. Not here for that.

8. Horror. It's just. Not really my thing. I haven't read one that has actually scared me. I shy away from this genre with movies too (and have only gotten scared with a few of them before), so I don't think I'm ever gonna get into it honestly.

9. Dystopia/post-apocalyptic. And this is nothing against the genres in general, but more the fact that I just cannot read them at the moment. The world is a little terrifying enough without reading stories like these on an already anxious mind. So, I'm taking a break of them ALL for the immediate future.

10. Aliens. Yeah, nope, not into anything involving aliens. 

I have other minor pet peeves, like books with camp settings (because I always hated camp) and rock star romances, but I will give most anything a try if it sounds good. But these 10 things are generally a straight-up no for me.

What are YOUR reading pet peeves? Would any of these make your list? Let's talk! :)

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