Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Checking In for March

I don't do a monthly recap on the blog, partly because I'm lazy and partly because there isn't usually much to say. But I was inspired by Jamie's If We Were Having Coffee feature (which was inspired by someone else!) to start doing more personal posts on here. And what better way to do that than to recap my month in LIFE instead of just books and blogging? So Checking In will be a monthly feature on here that will help you guys get to know ME better, and hopefully you'll start sharing your own stories with me. :)


Life Update
Hey y'all, it's been awhile! I think the last time I did one of these posts, it was before my birthday, and that was over a month ago. I had a fairly nice birthday, but it was mixed in with a lot of bitterness and anger over my cousins. Like, I love working with them and all, because it's helped my relationship with the one I'm closest to, and I actually talk with the others, which never happened before I started at this job. But it's also brought me a lot of tears and hurt, because my family, for all their loveliness and caring, make me feel invisible and ignored way too often. From not bothering to acknowledge my birthday (even a simple "happy late bday" since I took the day off but worked the next) to forgetting to invite me to go out for lunch, I never know if it's gonna be one of those days where they make me feel like shit and never apologize or even seem to see beyond their own narrow scope of the world and their lives. It just, sucks.

Family issues aside, March was surprisingly not super bad. February and March are typically hard months for me, for a few reasons, so I was glad that it went better than expected. And work is going well, better than it was when I last posted one of these. I still think the company needs to seriously work on their scheduling, because we're in a slow time right now, and I've gotten called off at least once the past three weeks. Others have to worry about rent and such, and I don't so it doesn't exactly hurt me. But as I'm saving up for a new car, it's a bit annoying, and a little concerning. I think my uncle is still okay with me riding with him, and my cousin and a friend carpool with us too. But I'd still like my own car again, especially to help out and give his vehicles a break (which is what we'd planned to do starting the week my car broke down, and WELL). I'm also saving up for ALA, which is 99% happening for Shannon and I, so I'D LIKE TO WORK MORE. 

I think it'll just be the two of us this time, which is definitely okay, but it won't be the same. I'm excited it's back in Chicago, though, because I could use a redo. I also just found out Victoria Schwab's coming to Michigan the week before, so I'm REALLY hoping I can go because I missed her the last time she was here. I haven't been able to do much, aside from going out after work a few times with people, like dinner and a couple mall visits. But that's not *much* of a social life. Haha. I'm friendly with a bunch of people at work, and I've even made a friend, but I've also been terrible at socializing of late. So I want to get better at that throughout the rest of spring and summer!

Kitten Update
look at these judgy little faces

Guys, our babies are almost one years old! *sniffles* I remember when they were just such tiny furballs that hissed and didn't like to be held, and now they're members of the family. They sleep ALL OVER and seriously idk how they find such places to sleep. They've gotten along swell with our adult cat, after a rough start. They love our dog, but our dog still does not like them. But I think that's more to do with her jealousy and anger over not being the only pet anymore. ;) They just kind of all coexist. The kittens aren't as playful as they used to be, but they're still so fun and sweet. 

Anna's a bit sick right now. She's been on medicine for almost a month, and she's had a few vet visits. They said that her numbers are getting better, though, the last time she went. They think it has to do with her immune system. Hoping this new round of daily meds will help more, and that when she goes back to the vet, she's completely out of the woods. We're just really hoping at this point that it's not FIV, which is what our male indoor cat had had, and who had to get put down last May. Other than that, they've both been good additions to the fam, and I'm so happy we have them. <3

Blogging Update
Hey friends. I really had expected 2017 to be better. But the start has been super shitty, ever since the election really, and my blog suffered because of it. HOWEVER, I think I'm getting out of that terrible slump. I've commented back and replied a little bit, and everything I've published I've put 100% effort into. It's just not been a whole lot, but I haven't been forcing it, and it's been good for me. I feel like I've also made a little headway with publishers and publicists, and I like building these relationships. I'm excited for what the rest of the year brings, I really am. I just hope to be more consistent for the rest of it, and to get back into interacting because that's always been my fave part. :)

How have your lives been going, guys? Any exciting news? Let's talk! 

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