Thursday, April 13, 2017

Current Events in WIPs, Books, and TV Shows

I haven't been on social media a lot lately, and so have not been updating my life very much, nor what I've been reading/watching/writing. And since I *rarely* ever add books to my currently-reading shelf on Goodreads, you won't really know what where I'm at in that area until I mark a book as read and review it. Haha. There is a reason I don't do this, though. I'm such a mood reader that I never REALLY know what I'm going to start until I start it. Recently, I have been going off of a pub date list (and I'd received quite a few books I NEEDED to review quickly, so they took priority), but very unofficially. So I'm still reading backlist and newer releases too. I also don't update it, because sometimes I start reading a book and then I just never.. finish it. I started Timekeeper back in like October (yeesh) and Frostblood in January, and they're STILL sitting on my currently-reading list. So yeah, I'm sorry! You never know what I'm doing. I'd put something like a CR list on the blog, but I'm afraid I wouldn't keep up with it. So instead, I'm going to talk about them every once in awhile in a post like this one, along with how I'm doing in my writing and what I'm watching on TV (or movies, if I ever watch them, which is like never :p).


I just figured out how to fix my YA contemporary that I'd written a few summers ago. I never finished it, but I did manage to get to 70,000 words, which had been my goal for that summer. My reasoning for quitting was that I knew I wanted to rewrite so much of it, and I just didn't have the motivation to. BUT BUT. I think I know where I went wrong, and I have a better vision for the story now. The core of it won't change, and my characters won't. But I needed more of a focus, and I think I've nailed that down. So I'm actually really excited to start rewriting it. I've already got a fresh new document with the story, and I've started deleting stuff I don't need and reworking some of the beginning chapters. My goal this weekend is to spend at least two hours on it, which doesn't seem like much, but baby steps! I have a lot to change and I don't want to get overwhelmed. I've never done this before because I've never finished a first draft, so it's a little terrifying, but like I said, I'm excited to redraft!

I'm also still working on my dark fantasy, which I talked about a bit on the blog already. I'm a little stuck right now, and just continuing to write future scenes instead. I feel like I always have trouble with beginnings (case in point: the story above needs a stronger first couple of chapters than it has), and then I get discouraged really easily. But I am NOT giving up. I think a tiny break might be good, though. Work on something else while I'm thinking about it, come back when I've got a direction. I took like a THREE year break with the contemporary. Haha. I just can't do that with this one, and I don't want to.

Um, everything? LOL. No, but seriously, I've already read 12 books this month, and it's only... the 13th of April. I've been reading so fast, but I've also just had really short books. I've been (re)reading the Series of Unfortunate Events books, and they're between 150 and 350 pages, and they go so quickly. And I've read a few graphic novels, thanks to the kindness of Macmillan. (I will be reviewing them soonish. I've already got a post started. :D). I read Given to the Sea when it showed up at my house on the 11th, which was disappointing, to say the least. *sobs* I'm still in the middle of Hold Me Down by Sara Taylor Woods, which is super good. Hoping to finish it this weekend.

Up next: finish Keeping the Moon and read Along for the Ride, as part of the #ReadaDessen campaign Penguin is hosting. Death and Night, so I can finally post about A Crown of Wishes, which I should've done AGES ago whoops. I really need to read some more review copies, like That Thing We Call a Heart, The Names They Gave Us, and Alex, Approximately. Also Song of the Current. I'm not sure what I'm going to be reading from that pile yet, but those are at the forefront of my mind. And lastly, I also really want to read Infini by Krista and Becca Ritchie soooooon. SO MANY BOOKS, SO LITTLE TIME.

I just finished season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder, which is so damn twisted and messy but a show that I love and just never keep up with when it's on TV. So everything was new to me, and I had no idea about a certain character's death. Man, it's addictive. Even though I only really love three of the main characters (Michaela, Connor, and Asher), I appreciate how multifaceted everyone is and the kinds of things that it tackles. But now that's over, and I'm currently onto Wynonna Earp. Which is fucking AWESOME. omg I'm so in love with this show. I love Wynonna and Waverly and Doc and Dolls. I'm so into everything about this, and I don't even like this type of supernatural thing (demons) that much! I was never really a big fan OF Supernatural, as much as I loved Dean and Sam, sadly. And this reminds me a lot of that show, but it's 100% better, imo. I'm on episode #12, and I already know I'm going to be sad when the season is over.

I'm not going to be doing this every month, but I might make this a regular thing, depending on how it goes! I will also be posting another Checking In at some point this week (either Friday or Saturday) to recap the life events of the past month. Then I've got a graphic novels post coming up, and possibly a few others about Goodreads shelves, Letters to the Lost and Given to the Sea, and dream destinations. I really feel like I'm getting over this horrible blogging and reading slump, as evidenced by the fact that I started this on a whim and had a lot of fun writing it. I love talking my WIPs, books, and TV shows! :D

What have you guys been reading/writing/watching lately? Anything good? Let's talk! :) 

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