Thursday, May 4, 2017

From the Den: April Edition

From the Den is a feature to showcase the books that I don't post reviews for on the blog, whether I liked them or not. I read so many books that never make it onto The Fox's Hideaway, so I wanted a feature where I could still tell y'all about them. :)


I read A LOT last month! 21 books. Hoooooly shit, it's been a long time since I've hit 20+ in a month. I'm so happy with that number, and I was largely happy with what I read. Most books I'll be talking about in their own posts, but there are a few that I wanted to mention here!

Daddy's Best Friend
  *eARC kindly provided by the authors for review*

I liked this short story. It was a fast read and enjoyable. But there IS still a *little bit* of an ick factor for me. I went into it knowing this relationship had a big age difference between the two characters, so I'm not going to criticize it because of that. I gave it a try because Brighton Walsh is one-half of the writing duo, and I love her books, and I will read anything she writes. But I don't think this one was for me exactly. I'm definitely interested in the rest of the novellas, though! At least those beyond the next (since The DILF has the same trope). I'm curious what other stories these two authors have up their sleeves.
Rating: 3 Paw Prints!

Hold Me Down
I could not even begin to unpack this book, but I will say this: it’s so badly needed in the romance genre. Because oftentimes, BDSM stories just end up romanticizing abuse and showing a super unhealthy relationship. But Hold Me Down was so positive and honest and did a really, really good job at exploring what it means to be in this kind of relationship and also said a big fuck you to those who shame others for what they want in their sex life. And like, I just don’t know why people care so much what others do in the bedroom???? So long as everyone consents and is happy, who the fuck cares???? I adored Talia and rooted for her so hard. She’s been dealing with a lot of people, while understandably worried, telling her that it’s not right and that Sean isn’t good for her. Talia had a lot to work through in this book, and she almost threw it all away because of the negative stigmas attached to kink, but she stood up for herself and Sean and was like: I know myself better than you do. And I’m glad she had this sweet, sexy, and wonderful guy who shows her that what she wants is okay, that their relationship is not “bad” because of it. She needed to ask for it and say yes on her own, but he was there to give her 100% understanding and support. Their romance was great, and I totally believed in them. And I’m so glad this book is out there to counteract the shitty ones and tell people that it’s okay.
Rating: 4.5 Paw Prints!

Have you guys read either of these books yet? If so, what did you think of them? How many books did you read in April? Let's talk! :)

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