Monday, May 1, 2017

May 2017 Releases

I love May because there are always SO MANY books being published, and this May is no different!

May 2nd

May 4th

May 9th

May 16th

May 22nd

May 23rd

May 30th

I've already read: Daddy's Best Friend, which reaaaally wasn't for me. But I tried. I've also read When Dimple Met Rishi, which was soooo fucking cute!

From NetGalley/ALA/publishers: The Love Interest, I Believe in a Thing Called Love, Girl Out of Water, and How to Make a Wish (which I'm super excited to read). I also picked up quite a few May releases from the conference: In a Perfect World, Ramona Blue, The Names They Gave Us (which I'm currently reading!), The Pearl Thief, and That Thing We Call a Heart. I got behind in April, so this is a lot, but since most of these are highly anticipated books for me, I've no doubt I'll get to them before the month ends. And they're all pretty spread out for release dates, so that'll make it better. So I guess you could say I do have an actual TBR for May. :D

My most anticipated: Flame in the Mist and The Seafarer's Kiss for sure! I've wanted to read these two for SO long, and I'm so happy they're finally coming out. I also had no idea The Queen and the Cure was publishing this month, so I'm so damn excited! I loved the first book and cannot wait to read Kjell's story.

  What May releases are YOU most excited about? Am I missing any that should be on my radar? Let's talk!

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