Wednesday, May 24, 2017

NA Books On My Immediate TBR

For some reason, I'd fallen a bit out of love with NA in the past year or so. I've barely read any, and that makes me sad, because while it has its issues, I still love it. These characters are my age, and they are going through stuff that is much more relatable to me than in YA novels. But for some reason, I just kind of stopped reading it. Like it was at least half of my read count in my earlier blogging years. And last year I read maybe the Addicted series and that was it except for a few more?? It's SAD.

I know this genre needs to step it up big time. I want to see more diversity, SO MUCH MORE. It's very needed here. I also want to see toxic as fuck tropes gone (especially the bad boy who gets away with everything bc of his ~tragic past~, ugh), and more healthy, less problematic relationships. But I've definitely found some amazing gems over the years. Yet there are still so many New Adult stories I haven't yet, ones that people have shouted about and ones that I've had on my TBR/kindle foreeever. 

***of books I own***

I have SO MANY MORE on my kindle, it's a problem honestly. But these are the ones I want to read the most. I want to get back into NA this year. I took, not really a break from it, but I guess I gravitated toward YA more in the last like two years. But I miss devouring new adult stories. I at least want to read most of these this year, especially a few that I REALLY can't believe I haven't read yet. Also was just having a discussion with friends about NA vs. adult, so some of these might not be clear-cut. OOPS. 

Sadly this list is lacking in diversity, so if you've got recs, I'd SO appreciate them!! But I did find some lists on Goodreads for diverse NA and wanted to share them with y'all. Some of these books are definitely on my TBR.

So which of these should I read ASAP? What are some of your favorite NA books? Let's talk! :)

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