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The 100 Season 4 Survey

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Hey guys, it's May, and almost the end of season 4 of The 100. I can hardly believe it. It feels like the season just started. Thank God we have a 5th one coming, right?! I've had a lot of up and down feelings regarding these episodes, and I'm getting tired of the plot taking over characterization. But man, I still love this show so much. It is one of my biggest obsessions! So yeah, anyway, I thought it'd be fun to answer this short survey that Erica came up with, before the latest episode. :D


This or That

1. The Book or The Show? THE SHOW, THE SHOOOOOOOW. I've read the book, and guys, it's fucking terrible.

2. Skaikru or Trikru? Trikru, tbh. The sky people are just embarrassing (tho I would not mind being part of the delinquents).

3. ALIE or Cage? Alie. Her "character" was SO interesting. I mean, she was the AI who ended the world! Cage was just an asshole.

4. Bellamy or Finn? seriously, is this even a contest? Bellamy, of course. *heart eyes*


6. Sinclair or Kane? GAH. Kane. Only because he's a major character and I have feelings for his beard, but I freaking loved Sinclair's good heart and protectiveness toward Raven.

7. Abby or Indra? Indra, bitch-queen of Triku. No offense to Abby, but she's kiiiiiind of always been a bit of a boring character to me. I love Indra's fire and warrior heart and badassery.

8. Ontari or Echo? Ontari, because she was just so unapologetically brutal and evil? I mean, Echo kind of is, but I thought Ontari was more of a villain. And I like villains.

9. Nyko or Luna? Another rude question, but I think I'm gonna have to choose Nyko because Luna hasn't been around as long and I freaking just loved Nyko and miss him a lot. *cries forever*

10. Emori or Nylah? Nylah. But I like them both. I just don't have super strong opinions about either of them.

11. Jasper or Monty? Monty, duh. My precious cinnamon roll too good for this world. <3

12. Miller or Harper? Miller, at this point. I'm really mad with where the show has taken Harper's character this season. And I just adore Miller and his sass.

Essay (but not really)

1. Which character do you think has the best character arc on the show so far? Ooh, tough choice between Raven and Bellamy. Both have gone through SO much change, but they're still exactly who they've been since the beginning. I've loved how their arcs have gone, even when I hated the pain they were in or the choices they made. They're still growing, and that's the great thing.

2. If you could re-write one scene which scene would it be? Monty killing his mom. I was not here for it. And not because I liked Hannah. (LOL hated how she manipulated and treated Monty). But it just didn't seem to do anything to his character. He should be fucked up over it. Maybe we'll see that later, but idk. I was not a fan.

3. Which character did you want to die sooner than they did? EMERSON. THAT FUCKER.

4. Which character would you like to bring back to life? I want to say Lincoln, but I think that was a death that had fit the season. Now Nyko, on the other hand, should've never died and I'm still mad.

5. If you could be one character, which character would you be? Oy vey, all this pain and death and fighting? Hard pass.

6. Who is your fictional crush on the show? BELLAMY FUCKING BLAKE FOREVER.

Unpopular Opinion

1. A character everyone likes, but you don’t? Jasper. I don't know if EVERYONE likes him, but people definitely care for him. I'm just not a big fan of him, and I never have been.

2. A death that everyone cried about, but you rejoiced? I mean, Finn, tbh. Oops? I never really liked his character upon rewatches, and then I just wanted him out of the picture because of my ship. haha.

3. One villainous character you like? Honestly, I loved Alie sometimes. Also does Roan count? Because I adore him, and I'm not even sorry.

4. A ship no one likes, but you? idk, I feel like I ship the ones people like? maybe my crackship of Roan/Raven?


1. Character (female)? Raven. I've always loved her spunk and her wit and her beautiful brain. She's the ultimate bitch queen.

2. Character (male)? Bellamy Blake #sorrynotsorry

3. Episode? Day Trip from season 1. omg still cracks me up so much when I watch it. it's also the first episode where Bellamy and Clarke really become friends and start trusting each other and looking out for one another.

4. Season? I still have suuuuch a soft spot for the first season. My babies were so young then, learning their strengths and weaknesses, and becoming who they need to be to survive.

5. Ship? Bellarke, obvs. I will go down with this ship even if it was going up in flames and sinking fast.

6. Scene? gaaaah, that one with Bellarke and The List (episode 2 of season 4, I believe). It kills me every single time I see it. It's just so intense and emotional, and it really shows you the kind of relationship these two have with each other. WHICH IS CERTAINLY NOT PLATONIC AND NEVER HAS BEEN.


1. What do you think will happen in the finale of Season 4? oh dear god I have no idea. I'm assuming Raven's going to launch herself into space, either in that or the one before it. The bunker's going to be involved, but I just don't know how? I really have no idea. The show always goes places I never expect.

2. Who do you think will die by the end of Season 4? Abby. But honestly really getting worried about Octavia now after tweets and such about this next episode. I just know whoever it will be is going to break us.

3. Do you think any ships will sail by the end of Season 4? I'm probably hoping too much for Bellarke? No? I think something will happen with them, though. I'm also dying for sea mechanic, but I doubt if the show is gonna go there in this season.

4. What kind of ‘lever’ do you think Clarke will be pulling this season? gah, I literally have no idea. Maybe the lever to the bunker? If there is one? I'll bet people will get shut out. It's gonna suck.

Do you guys watch The 100? Agree/disagree with any of my answers here? Let's chat about our favorite show. :)

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