Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Year of Cats

Exactly a year ago, we added two kittens to our household. If you haven't heard the story yet, allow me to introduce you to Anna and Elsa (yes, from Frozen! credit for that goes to my older brother, if you can believe it). About a year before they showed up, their mom had left a previous batch of two kittens with us. She's a wild cat, and she hates people, but apparently she trusts us enough to take care of her babies. My mom and I had a feeling she was pregnant when she showed up last March, but then she left, and we thought that was that. But then, on May 31st, I looked out our front door window and saw her and two little gray kittens near the porch. 


I guess I remember dates pretty well, but I also have Twitter to thank, because of course the first thing I did was take that picture above and be like LOOK! TWITTER! WE'VE GOT MORE CATS! At this point, we had three outdoor cats and one inside, and we quite literally did not want anymore. We were all set to let these ones go too, after we tamed them. But we grew too attached, and it is impossible to put into words what they've added to our household since we got them.

They both have such strong, distinct personalities. But honestly I could not tell you which one was which in that photo above. They still look a lot alike, but they have unique features. Elsa's rounder, especially in her face, and a bit lighter in color. Anna has a very narrow face and she's on the slimmer side after her bout with sickness back in March and April. Elsa also has a bushy tail. But they still look SO MUCH alike, it's ridiculous. Their tiger stripes are nearly identical.

Anna is mine, no matter what my older brother says. ;) She's smart and so curious, talkative (she'll whine to be pet or for food), loves being held and snuggled. She makes these little grunting noises whenever she jumps down from places or gets up after sleeping. Elsa is SOMETHING. Haha. She's energetic, likes bugs, is constantly putting her nose in where it doesn't belong, loves having her belly rubbed, hates strangers. She'll get into these moods where she won't leave you alone and she'll just purr. She's got a motor on her! She also likes to be held up to places (like a door or wall) so she can touch them. They're not *quite* as playful as they used to be, but sometimes you'll still find them fighting with paper bags and boxes or pushing bottle caps around on the floor. They're both always trying to get into my room, if the door is open. It's one of the only rooms they haven't been allowed in, so naturally they want to be inside even more. LOL. Since I've got it cleaned now and my closet door can be shut, I won't keep closing them out anymore (I just wanted to prevent them from getting into stuff). We'll see how it goes!

They can be utter brats, if they want to be. But oh, we love them, and they really have brought so much joy into our lives. It's been a challenge too, but it's been fun. And I hope someday our dog will love them as much as they love her! :D

Since I have *so many* pics on my phone, I thought I'd share some! 
young and wild and free

older and wiser but still crazy

Do you guys have pets? If so, tell me about them! If not, just admire all the cuteness :p

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