Monday, June 5, 2017

June 2017 Releases

We're halfway through 2017, which is UN. REAL. Didn't it juuust start? Honestly it wouldn't be so bad if we weren't getting shitty news day after day. But hey, at least we have books to get us through this awful year!

June 1st

June 2nd

June 6th

June 13th

June 20th

June 27th

June 30th
Break Line by Sarah E. Green!

I've already read: um, none? WHOOPS.

From NetGalley/Publishers/Book cons: quite a few! I picked up copies of Roar, Want, and Words in Deep Blue from ALA. I really want to read all three of them! I also have Tash Hearts Tolstoy and Until It Fades, both of which I'm excited about (especially UIF, as K.A. Tucker is one of my favorite authors). And I'm currently reading Song of the Current and Bad Romance. They haven't been holding my attention this weekend, but I'm hoping that changes soon.

My most anticipated: Damaged Like Usssss. omg, I can't wait for more Addicted world books. Also, The Fallen Kingdom. ONE OF MY FAVORITE SERIES IS ENDING *SOBS* Probably gonna have to binge-reread the first two books beforehand as well, but it'd be worth it for sure. OH! And one of my favorite people, Sarah from Words With Sarah, is self-publishing her first novel, Break Line. I'm so excited to read it! Gah, can't forget Gentleman's Guide. QUITE A FEW HIGHLY ANTICIPATED NOVELS FOR ME THIS MONTH. :D

What June releases are YOU most excited about? Am I missing any that should be on my radar? Let's talk! 

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