Monday, July 10, 2017

What I've Been Writing, Reading, and Watching Lately

I decided against doing Camp NaNo since I'm still revising my YA contemporary. Right now I'm just more interested in editing rather than word counts. However, the amount of people doing word sprints and cheering each other on has given me motivation. I haven't worked on it as much as I should have, but I'm still making progress, and that is what matters. :D I'm also still sloooowly working on my dark fantasy, and I'm over 18k at this point. I wanted to be so much farther, but the lack of me building the world is a hindrance, so I NEED to spend some time on that instead. But when I do think of a scene that wants so badly to be written, or a little plot bunny, I write them down immediately. I'm on chapter 4 right now, and while I like the previous chapters enough, I know they could be better. So I'm not SO happy with this one because it feels like everything I've written for the later chapters are 100% better. However, one of my weaknesses is beginnings (like probably the first 5 or 6 chapters), so I won't be too hard on myself. It's always easier once I get into the rhythm of the story, and once I've gotten that foundation upon which to build.

I'm in-between reading many books right now. I started a few Saturday that just weren't cutting it: Damaged Like Us by KB Ritchie, Someone to Watch Over Me by Lisa Kleypas, and The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. I did end up reading Lucky in Love by Kasie West, but it was meh. :( But then I got hooked on The Winner's Curse and am arriving very late to this party. I can totally see why a lot of people love these books, and I'm excited to continue the series! I'm also still making progress with Always by Nina Lane, which is making me all kinds of sad and disappointed because this is an add-on in the series, and I don't at this point in the story think it was necessary at all.

Once I'm done writing this, I'll probably either dive into The Winner's Crime, or continue The Cruel Prince (which has not yet got me enough to keep reading). But I'm very moody re: books right now, so we shall see! :p

Night Shift. I'd seen it around Netflix and finally decided to give it a chance, and I got HOOKED. I watched the first season (like 8 episodes, I think???) in less than a day, and I really enjoyed the hell out of it. I'm currently in season 3, and I'm happy to see that it's still going strong on TV, but I haven't been as into it lately. I'm so over the relationship mess with the two MCs, but I do still like this show and its characters. It's kind of a Grey's Anatomy ripoff, but I think it tries to do good. It's touched upon a lot of subjects: sexuality, race, mental health, etc, and I like that it's centered around war veterans. But it's lost me a little, in trying too hard to be Grey's and with the annoying romantic drama. However, I'm going to finish this season off and keep going because I think it's still worth the watch. I JUST WANT JORDAN AND TC TO STOP BEING SO DAMN STUBBORN.

Quantico. I'd always been a fan, ever since I watched the first episode when it premiered. But when it comes to every show except two, I generally only get caught up on seasons when they're put up on Netflix. So, I waited AGAIN. It was hard, because the season 1 finale was a killer on the feels, but I'M BACK AT IT. And I'm loooving this season. I love the characters: Alex, Ryan, Shelby, Nimah/Raina. The new additions are intriguing too, and I'm so invested in seeing where they all end up. And the whole CIA-training is fascinating as fuck. I love that it's such a huge part of this. I can't wait to finish the season, though I've no doubt it's going to put my heart through the wringer.

Oh! I also finally watched the live-action Beauty and the Beast last month, and I quite enjoyed it. I didn't love it, but tbh, I hadn't expected to. The original is my *favorite* Disney movie, so it had a high bar to top. And even though it didn't, this is one movie I will be rewatching for sure. I LOVED all the casting so much (Emma, Ian, Ewan, Audra, Luke, SO MANY FAVES), exceeept for the Beast. The actor just didn't grow on me, sadly, and I didn't really feel much chemistry between him and Emma. But even still, I'm just so glad I liked it enough for a rewatch. I was SO worried, for a reason, but it was a good different. And so much better than the live-action Cinderella, imo.

So, that's it for me! What have you been up to lately? Got any good book or show/movie recommendations? Let's talk! :)

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