Friday, August 4, 2017

My Reading Quest

I'm already doing ARC August and the Make Me Read It Readathon (which does end before this starts, so that's good!), but fuck it, I'm participating in Aentee's reading quest challenge too. She is SO creative, guys. She made a challenge based on a video game, with different "quests" you can do, and where you can pick your own character to play with. It's going to be difficult for me to line up other books with this challenge too, but I'm looking forward to this *so* much. It looks hella fun!

So, I'm picking the Mage. Once I'm finished with its squares, I'm moving onto the Knight's quest, which I think is how it works? I'll just go around the board that way, but I don't even know if I'll make it there because of these other challenges and work. This does run from August 13th to September 10th, so a lot of time to read! I can also complete some of the blue squares in the middle, but they won't be a priority. However, I'm going to make TBRs anyway, because that is always fun for me. :D

My Main Quest
A Book With a One Word Title: Want
A Book That Contains Magic: An Enchantment of Ravens
A Book Based on Mythology: Wonder Woman or The Library of Fates
A Book Set in a Different World: The Last Namsara
The First Book of a Series: The Belles

The Knight's Quest
A Book With a Verb in its Title: Hunting Prince Dracula
A Book With a Weapon on its Cover: Gunslinger Girl or Blood and Sand
A Book With a Red Cover: Reign of the Earth
A Book That Has a TV/Movie Adaptation: Tuck Everlasting or Percy Jackson

Side Quests
Expansion: Whichwood 
Potions: Unearthed
Time Warp: Invictus
Animal Companion: Little & Lion

I am so excited to start reading for this challenge! I doubt I will get to them all, and I might read something else for a square instead, but I do really hope to read most of these books. And here is my character card! :D
*character art made by CW from Read, Think, Ponder*

Are you guys participating in this challenge too? If so, what character class are you and are we reading any of the same books? Let's talk! :)

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