Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Book Title Tag

I wish I knew who had come up with this tag (I tried to trace back the trail and got stuck), so cheers to whoever it was because it was fun to do. I skipped a few prompts because I didn't care about them, so if I'm missing a number, that's why. Graphics stolen with love from Shannon's blog.


peace and tranquility and NO ONE AROUND TO INTERRUPT MY READING

I'm gonna cheat and use a Harry Potter book. DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT.

Self-explanatory really.

Rome, travel destination of my heart. 😍


Okay, I wouldn't actually WANT to rule Lumatere or the Rock people or any of the others. But if I chose anywhere to be in that series, it'd be with the Monts. <3

Does this not sound like a band name? Imagine an all-girl group singing about OTPs of pain and #bookwormprobs. That's The Belles. 😁

Love the alternate reality I live in where Hillary won and we don't have to drown in anxiety and worry anymore. jk but seriously, I am always day-dreaming so this quite fits. I also wanted to put Lost in a Book here, which would've been equally fitting. :D

What are the book titles of YOUR life? :)