Tuesday, September 5, 2017

(81) Top Ten Books I've Recently Put Down

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's topic: Ten Books I Struggled to Get Into But Ended Up Loving or Ten Books That Were A Chore To Get Through or Ten Books I've Most Recently Put Down (the theme is...books you had a hard time with...tweak it how ever you need)

I'm counting DNFs, but not all of these are DNFs. Some of them, I just needed to put down for other books or because I just wasn't into them enough, but I still plan to try them again soon. So yeah, I took this prompt quite literally instead. LOL.


1. My Lady Jane

I just. I don't find this funny AT ALL. And I'm supposed to be laughing, right? Also, it reads so much younger than I want it to be. idk, maybe Rashika was right. I'm just not cut out for comical books. I like those that make me cry too much. Haha.

2. The Tiger's Daughter
I've heard nothing but praise for this book, but I read the first chapter and felt like I was just gonna slog through this, so I haven't picked it back up. But I want to give it time, because it could be a new favorite!

3. Scrappy Little Nobody

I'm not sure if memoirs are for me, but I have found that I enjoy Anna's sense of humor and voice, so I'll be continuing it at some point. But I think it was more just the fact that I started a few reading challenges that I set it down anyway.

4. Greed
This was my second try at this book, and I just cannot get into it. I can't tell if it's the story or characters or what, but I know it's at least in part due to the author's simplistic (he said, she said, they said, etc) writing style. Sadness because I did enjoy Vain. UGH.

5. Damaged Like Us

I'd been SO excited about this one, but then some shit happened with the authors and I'd heard that it's got problematic rep. I just wasn't up for it at the time I started it, and I'll probably hold off for a bit more. I still want to read it since I loooove their Addicted series, but yeah.

6. Frostblood

A case of poor book, you just had the misfortune of being read during the election. Like I said below, I could NOT read afterward, and setting it aside was a mistake because now I remember nothing (and I was about 170 pages into it). DAMN IT.

7. The Impostor Queen

After hearing like nothing but good things, I'd expected to love this one. But then I just never got hooked, and I kept pushing it aside for other books. And now I'm not sure if I'll DNF for real or try again. We shall see!

8. Timekeeper

Poor Timekeeper. It wasn't the book's fault I started it around election time. And WELL. I wasn't reading anything after November 8th except the Lumatere Chronicles. Then I just never got back into this one. But I think it deserves a second chance, so I hope to restart it before the year ends.

9. Welcome Home

I'm just not really a big fan of anthologies. And while I love that this one is centered around adoption (which I think is needed in YA), the three stories I've read have not impressed me. I was going to read like one per lunch break, but then that never happened. And now I don't know if I'm gonna quit completely. I might just read stories from favorite authors/those I like instead, tbh.

10. Prisoner of Ice and Snow 

I can't even really explain this (probable) DNF, since I only read like a chapter or two. But I think it was really just my mood at the time. However, it's been so long since I started it that I don't know if I want to continue now. It sounds good, but I'm not a big MG person. So, we'll see! 

Have you tried and set aside any of these books? Do you love any so much you think they definitely deserve a second chance? What books would be on your list? Let's talk! :)

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