Wednesday, September 6, 2017

ARC August Wrap-Up

I did SO good in August, and for at least two out of the three reading challenges going on (totally failed at #MakeMeReadIt, WHOOPS), I managed to read a lot. 20 was my total, and 12 of those were for ARC August! And I also enjoyed all of them, except for the last one on this list sadly, so I'd say that's pretty damn great. :D

I started the two of these in earlier months but it took awhile to finish them. I REALLY enjoyed Forest, and I found TCP disappointing, but I still liked it. Definitely glad I managed to get them done!

The Favorites

The Good

The In-Between

The Bad

 Did you guys participate in this challenge too? What did you read in August? Did you read any of these? Let's talk! :)