Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Reading Quest Wrap-Up

I wasn't sure how much I'd be able to read for this challenge, but I managed such a high number of books. I not only completed my main quest, but I finished the knight's quest too, as well as seven of the side quests. I could have read a few more books, but I hit a reading rut last weekend. Though I'm definitely not mad at myself for that wasted time, and I'm very happy with what I accomplished! And much thanks to Aentee from Read at Midnight for hosting it!

The Mage's Quest
A Book With a One Word Title: Moxie (326 pgs)
A Book That Contains Magic: Whichwood (360 pgs)
A Book Based on Mythology: The Lightning Thief (375 pgs)
A Book Set in a Different World: An Enchantment of Ravens (297 pgs)
The First Book of a Series: Unearthed (328 pgs)

The Knight's Quest
A Book With a Verb in its Title: Hunting Prince Dracula (418)
A Book With a Weapon on its Cover: Blood and Sand (305 pgs)
A Book With a Red Cover: The Girl with the Red Balloon (288 pgs)
A Book That Has a TV/Movie Adaptation: The Sea of Monsters (279 pgs)

Side Quests
Expansion (companion novel or short story): Reunion (167 pgs)
Potions (a book concocted by 2+ authors): Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls (200 pgs)
Time Warp (a book set in the past or future): All the Crooked Saints (311 pgs)
Animal Companion (a book referencing an animal in the title): Little & Lion (328 pgs) 
Multiplayer (buddy read a book): Reign the Earth (432 pgs)
Mini-Game (read a graphic novel, novella, or poem collection): Head Games (160 pgs)
Open World (read whatever you want): A Line in the Dark (281 pgs)


Now it's time to tally up my points! At the beginning, I had 10 EXP (experience points) and 0 HP (health points). And I was at Level 1.

10 books = 100 EXP
1 graphic novel = 5 EXP
5 books by marginalized authors = 100 EXP
Completed the Mage quest = 50 EXP
Completed the Knight quest = 30 EXP
Total EXP = 285

1 tweet on the hashtag = 1 HP 
# of pages read = 477 HP
Total HP = 478 

Level: 6

Did you guys participate in this reading challenge too? How did you end up doing? Did you read any of the same books as me? Let's talk! :)

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