Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Why We Do This

 For one of my posts, I decided to ask around to see what people have heard when they've gone to seek help or tried to talk about mental illness with others. I wanted to highlight the negatives for a little bit, to show you guys why we do this

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"You're just lazy, not depressed."

"Exercise will make you feel better."

"You're in control of your mind."

"You just need to pray and read the Bible more."

"You just need to be a better Christian and go to church more."

"You just need to change your attitude."

"You don't really feel like that."

"Depression isn't real."

"Well, one day you're just going to have to get over it."

"Stop panicking, it's no use."

"Calm down, it's all in your head."

"You're just being dramatic." 

"Quit complaining."

"Oh, your problems aren't that bad."

"You're just seeking attention."

And this was only from a handful of people! This is why we do this event, why all of us are trying to help fight back against the stigmas. Because mental illness is real and it's awful, and it needs to be given the weight it deserves. So many people fight daily battles with mental illness. For so many, this is a lifelong struggle. It's not made up, and there is no easy fix. Unfortunately though, people still believe differently.

But please don't let this discourage you to get better! For every negative comment, there is always a positive to outweigh it. For every person who believes that mental illness isn't real, there is someone in your corner telling you that it's not just in your head. For every person who doesn't understand it, there is someone who wants to help you live an easier life. For every stigma, there is support and understanding.

And you are not alone! For the next two weeks, dozens of people will be sharing their stories, and I hope it reminds you of that. Our collective hope is that this event helps others, that by bringing more awareness to mental illness, it will continue to diminish the stigmas. Your mental health is so important, and YOU are important. This event is for everyone but especially those who have ever struggled with a brain that attacks. <3

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