Wednesday, November 15, 2017

NaNoWriMo Update #1

So it's been 15 days, NaNo is already halfway done, and I'm still going strong. But I AM waaaay behind schedule at the moment, but I'm determined as ever to win NaNo. And not only that, but I'm motivated to finish this novel, more so than like I've ever been with a story? It's not that I haven't loved any of my others, but I think the difference is that I'm writing what I know, and what I love, and what I understand. I'm writing about queer kids and college and the trial and error of growing up and figure out who you are as a person. It's set in Michigan, too, so it's just so me.

I always put little bits and pieces of myself in my books, and it's not my first #ownvoices novel, but it's got more of me than everything else. I'm pulling from personal experiences, in conversation, relationships, and college life. It's helping, and surprisingly I'm super enjoying writing the dialogue? I've particularly struggled with that part of books before, but it's such my favorite with this one that I almost don't have a plot? LOL. whatever, I don't care. I just wanna write banter and people meeting new people and making friends and falling in love. IS THAT TOO LITTLE?

My favorite line: "That girl would be able to find her way through hell."

My favorite moment: it hasn't happened yet, but I've already written a little bit in my outline, so I'm counting it. It's set in the second semester, after the breakup and the depressive spiral and Amelia asking for help. She goes home, and ends up having a super emotional chat with her dad. He apologizes for not seeing it before, her depression, and she tells him that it's okay, that she didn't see it either. He's so broken up about it, because he loves her so much and feels like a failure. And it's a moment upon which shows their utter love for each other and the strength of close relationships. I can't wait to actually get to this point!

My favorite character: oh my god, no I can't. I love them all too much.

First line, from the prologue: Falling out of the tree wasn't the plan.

I still feel like I'm in the beginning stages of this novel (over 20,000 words currently), so it's not always easy to figure out where to go next. I'm mostly setting up Amelia and Sean's lives, trying especially to lock in Sean's character. His chapters have been the hardest to write, and I'm not exactly sure why. So I'm figuring him out as I go, but I KNOW where Amelia is headed. I'm just not always sure how to get her there. It's been hard, but SO INCREDIBLY FUN TO WRITE. I am absolutely loving this, and even though I'm behind, I feel so confident that I'll hit 50k by the 30th. WISH ME LUCK.

And because I love you guys so much (and because I love this WIP too much to NOT share it), here are two teasers!

Devin is Amelia's cousin, and Taylor is her brother.

From the meet cute short story I wrote awhile ago:

As you can tell, I'm a huge fan of Amelia and her family. I can honestly say their interactions are the most fun I've had writing in years. I have to keep stopping myself from making their scenes longer than they need to be, just because I have so much more I want to do with them. And Sean has two uncles whom he loves dearly, and I just wrote a scene with the three of them that gave me ALL THE FEELS. So I'm just gonna write more about them all, okay? Good, thanks, I'm sure a plot isn't needed.

Hey NaNo-ers, how are you doing so far this month? Are you hitting your goals or feeling behind like me? What has been your favorite accomplishment? We still have so much time left, guys; WE CAN DO THIS!!

Also tell me about your story because I want to hear about it!

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