Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I Won NaNoWriMo!

guys. GUYS. I'm so excited to be writing this post. Because I fucking defeated NaNo this year, even amid an awful month for me. I was so busy with work, so much so that I definitely lost energy and time on the weekends to write. I also hit a depressive spiral (which feels like it has ended, but I'm still not up-to-par) in the middle, making it hard to do anything. So I'm proud of myself for this, because November sucked and I needed a win. And this event got me to write 50,000 words of a novel I KNOW I'm going to finish at some point (hoping for December, but we'll see). So I can't really be all that mad that I spent more time on my writing this month than I normally do, when I could've done other things. Especially when I see these amazing stats!

best day: November 27th with 6,963 words
finished on: November 28th
total words: 50,186

As you can see, I started off fairly good, hit a snag, and then destroyed the end. (Also, this is basically the way the depression spiral went. You can easily tell when that started to hit me. LOL). I deeeefinitely cannot do what I did in those 5 days of Thanksgiving break again, but it's not impossible for me to write at least 10K on the weekends. And if I can't, then maybe being an author isn't for me. If I don't finish books, I will *never* make it. So I have to get to that point, and I'm glad for NaNo because it forced me to work. But I enjoyed it, too. It never felt like something I HAD to do, but wanted to. And that was what I'd hoped for before going into November.

I think the biggest reason this was such a success (besides my absolute love for this story and need to write it) was the fact that I'd outlined a little ahead of time. I've always been a pantser. I don't outline for books, especially not to the extent that I did for NaNo. I mean, I will write down plot bunnies or maybe future scenes/dialogue, but I typically just start a story and go from there. It... has not worked out so well in the past. Clearly, if my track record for finishing books (which is 0) is any indication. I'm not going to start outlining every small detail or plot point, but I need to spend time thinking about the stories, trying to figure out where to go next. It helped so much having my broad plans for the WIP, because when I hit writer's block, I could move past it. 

This month of NaNoWriMo was a learning experience. It wasn't easy, especially when I realized I will be doing a lot more revising than I thought, but it was fun! It felt SO GOOD to hit 50,000 words. This has given me more confidence and a determination to finish this book. AND I just bought Scrivener with the winner discount, so I can't wait to start using it! I think, once I get used to the way it works, the levels of organization on there will help me even more to get books done. I love how much you can do, and THE SPLIT SCREENS! I need to watch way more than just the one Youtube video I looked at, but I'll become a master at Scrivener in no time. And lastly, NaNo gave me a clearer picture of what it means to make writing full-time. 

I can still do things I want, even when I write full-time. I sacrificed (I slept very poorly that weekend), I did. But I was still able to do what I wanted, even when I spent a lot of my hours writing 25,000 words. I finished/read three books! I played Animal Crossing Pocket Camp for hours on end. I played trivia with my family. I snuggled with our pets. I watched episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine here and there. I even went shopping and picked out new glasses. I did not need to sacrifice as much as I thought I would if I tried to write like this, where I make myself try to hit my targets for the day, in-between giving myself rewards like reading a damn good book. I don't have another 5-day weekend coming up, but I always have time off, so I don't really have more excuses. I know, realistically, what I can do when it comes to writing now.

So, I can't wait to see what December brings. Because I am seriously like hoping to finish this book before 2017 ends? I know it's a monumental task, but I'm up for it. I haven't written much this weekend, but my job kind of drained me so I'm okay with it. I also felt like a break was needed, a little, so I don't burn-out. I really pushed myself last weekend, and it went well, but I can't do that all the time. But I'm into the second semester of college in the WIP, so everything after this should go fairly easy? LOLOL. I don't know how much more words I need, so I'm not doing word count goals or giving myself a certain # to hit anymore. But I'd say, roughly, it'll be an 80K novel. We shall see once this month ends! :D

In the meantime, here is a little snippet :)
*click to enlarge the pic so you can read it!

How did you guys do with NaNoWriMo? Did you win it? If not, that's okay! If you got any words down, you still did AMAZING. This year has been such a trash-fire, so celebrate what you've accomplished, yeah? :)

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