Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Hello, 2018

2017 was A Year. But it was not the worst year I've ever had. It was filled with both good and bad things. It was a mix of me opening up and closing back down. It was a mess of tangled feelings about people I thought were better and who loved me as much as I love them. It was days filled with anxiety and depression because the future looked too bleak to feel okay about. It was... a year of strife and hurt and lows.

But it was also a year for small triumphs and accomplishments, for demanding better for myself and focusing on me. It was a year for growth and learning. In a lot of aspects. In the work place and at home, in the blogging world and in my personal life. Not always, but little by little, I felt myself growing closer to who I want to be. I'm nowhere near where I wanted to be, going into this year and on the track to my 25th birthday. But I can't be too upset, because I feel like I've gotten to a point of healing. Finally. Depressive spirals made it harder, and so did people who disappointed me greatly, but I'm ready to take the next steps in 2018. 

So, I guess if I had to pick a word or two for this year, they'd be striving toward and working. On myself, my relationships, my goals in general. Trying harder, making more progress in life. It doesn't have to be huge or constant. I just need to keep moving forward. One step at a time. One day a time. One moment at a time.

I'm not really into resolutions anymore, because I never work at them or complete them. I always mean to, but it doesn't happen, and I just don't care enough now. But I do have things that I'd like to accomplish. Let this be the post that holds me accountable for my words and starts 2018 off on a hopeful note.

 Finish writing a damn book! I'm getting close with my NaNo WIP, but not quite there yet! I'm also over 10k into a newish story that I am loving. My most ambitious goal would be to start the query process, and find an agent. But I have to actually get to that point, you know? Here's to chasing my dream in 2018!

It's my ultimate goal, really my only goal. But there are a few smaller things that I want to try to do/get better at this year as well:

♕ teach myself how to braid
♕ post reviews on buy sites, especially for underrated and diverse books
♕ give therapy a try
actually work at getting healthy, both mentally and physically
♕ be kinder to myself
♕ make and use graphics more
♕ check in with people I care about often
♕ keep my room clean

Hey guys, what are some of your goals/resolutions for 2018? Are you happy that a new year has started? Sad? Let's talk about it! <3

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