Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Let's Talk Statistics and Book Buying

So when 2017 started, I decided to use Crini from All About Books' spreadsheet for keeping track of the books I read and acquired throughout the year (and which I started doing again for 2018). And whoa boy, am I a terrible spender when it comes to books. I'm not going to talk about the amount I spent, but I do want to talk about why I'm glad to have these statistics, and what I want to do differently for this year. But first, y'all can take a look at the pie chart I made from the spreadsheet because looking at pictures is fun. :D

As you can tell, the largest portion of books I acquired were bought. 219, to be exact. But to be fair to myself, the majority of those were ebooks. I buy A LOT of those when they go on sale because it's easier, and what if I end up not liking the book? The most I lose out on is like $2.99. So I don't feel *too* bad about it, and I didn't spend much on them. But I also did acquire a ton of physical books that are crowding everywhere.

My spending habits need a hard, quick intervention. I am now at a point where I have to do a huge purge of books soon, because I'm losing shelf space and honestly, so many of these I don't *need* to keep especially if I'm not even sure I'll read them. Tracking my progress with the spreadsheet actually did a lot to help me out during the year. I was able to look at my spending, and put myself on mini buying bans. I couldn't go on one completely, and frankly I don't want to. I love supporting authors. But I do need to spend less. So here are some questions I'm going to ask myself to make my book buying habits in 2018 better.

1. Did I love the book? Like I said, I'm running out of empty space on the shelves. So I'm going to have to get rid of those that I enjoyed, or liked, because I don't have room for the ones I didn't love or that aren't favorites. And I'd rather have multiple editions of an all-time favorite book or series than keep around a book I gave 3 stars to anyway. Which brings me to:

2. Is it a special, exclusive edition that might go out of print? Yes? Then I'm buying that fucker. But if it's a no, then there's no point. Yet. I've kicked myself before after losing out on editions I wanted because they went out of print faster than I anticipated, and I hate that. As a collector of favorite series/authors/books, that just hurts my heart. But if it's something that's common, that is just a regular hardcover or paperback, then I don't need it right this second.

3. How much have I already spent this month? Too many times I hit that checkout button before thinking about whether or not I could've bought the book the next month, or a few months from now. Unless it's a sale or a preorder or special for some reason, then waiting wouldn't be a problem. SO YEAH, LET'S WAIT MORE.

4. Do I already own it? Sometimes I am bad, and I might pick up cheap kindle books even if I own a physical. Or an ARC. Or I might grab another edition I love of a book I haven't even read. I told you it's bad. 🙈 Anyway, it's not often the reason for me buying a book, but it can be, and that is enough for it to end. I don't have space for this!

5. Am I *really* going to read that book? I read like maybe three for every ten I buy. And that's just... ridiculous? Unless the book was cheap on kindle, then what was the point if I hadn't planned to read it before the year ended? Of course I won't get to everything. It's unrealistic to expect that. But for many of these books, they weren't quite at the top of my TBR, so I didn't have to buy them right that second. So this is a huge question I need to constantly ask myself. I do feel like I've gotten better about this specifically, but it's a work-in-progress. 

So yeah, here's to better spending in 2018! WISH ME LUCK. :D Is this one of your goals for the new year too? Or are you a wizard who is very good at the book buying thing? Let's talk!

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