Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Current Events in WIPs, Books, and TV

I was going to do my more personal checking in post, but I'm just not up for it at the moment, so I decided to do this one instead because I realized too that it'd been a long time since I've posted a current events. I haven't been doing so well on the blogging front, even though I've been reading A LOT (gotta keep up with my friend Val), but I'm getting through it. I've got my March Madness event coming up, a few blog tours, and reviews, but I'm not forcing posting. That never helps. So, it might be slow for the rest of the month, but I'm coming back swinging in March! :D

Since NaNo ended, I'd only written around 3,000 more words to my WIP. I took a break, but then I just never quite got back into it. Because I realized that a major plot point (my MC's relationship and breakup with her roommate) needed to go. It was so much a part of the first 50,000 words that a domino effect was going to happen. And I get SO discouraged and de-motivated when I see this and know things need to change, but I'm stuck on the idea of finishing a story first. So you know what? I decided to just fucking fix things before moving on, because I don't think I'm the type of writer who can do otherwise. And I need to do what works for *me* and no one else.

And it is WORKING. I'm using Scrivener because of course, and I've already rewritten the whole first chapter (and I'm nearly done with the second), thrown out the idea that my two MCs met before their freshman year of college, and have plans for the rest of the book. It's going to be not only stronger, but better after all of this. And then I can finally get back to where I stopped, and keep going. 

I've got a deadline for myself: the end of March. I'm giving myself three months (April-June) to send it off to people, get feedback, edit edit edit. And hopefully, it'll be ready to go once Pitch Wars starts again in August. I might not even enter. I won't know yet. But I needed an actual, concrete deadline because that seemed to work during NaNo. I won it, and now I can finish my first ever book. So this is also a post to keep me in line, to hold me accountable. LET'S DO THIS.

Like I said in the intro to this post, I've been reading *so much* lately. I'm already at 32 books and climbing. I'm competing with Val to see who can read the most books this year, and she is making me work for it. But it's been FUN. I'm reading more, but I *want* to do it. I'm not reviewing as fast as I'm reading, but oh well. That's not the point of it for me. It never has been. I try to at least write a small paragraph about everything, especially if it's a review copy, but I don't push myself into writing full reviews for all anymore. And I try not to let myself get too behind on them, but you know, it's hard. Haha. Anyway, I'm currently reading quite a few books right now.

*Furyborn (yes Val, still): fantasy is not holding my attention so well right now, so it's slow-going, but it's good!
*More Than We Can Tell: it hasn't grabbed me nearly like LTTL did, which is making me sad, but also I'm not liking Emma a whole lot 😬
*Beyond Addiction: I am LOVING this series.
*Alex, Approximately: it's free to read again on rivetedlit.com, so I'm gonna give it a second try this coming weekend
*Into the Drowning Deep: after hearing so much about it from Val, I was super curious. I'm 12% into it and omg I am INTRIGUED and can't wait to read more!

Always hoping to finish books on my weekends, so we'll see! 

I just finished catching up with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is the fucking BEST SHOW EVER. I love the humor, the characters, the relationships. I love how current and relevant it is, and especially recently, I've loved the depth to it. I'ts so, so good. I'm still catching up with Bob's Burgers, which makes me laugh a lot. Also. Louise is my favorite. I want to be her someday. I've been rewatching Legend of the Seeker, too, which is an all-time fave show of mine and something that I just love so much. 

I started a new show called 9-1-1 that focuses on first responders. It's decently good. It's not spectacular, but it's made me cry a few times already, and the episodes are very tone heavy and emotional. And the characters are pretty great! I'm not sold on all of them, but I truly enjoy what they're trying to do here. I also have a big watchlist now that I've got Hulu, so I might do a separate post about what's on it!

What have you been writing, reading, and watching lately? Are you a fan of BK99 too? Are you a writer who can't move forward when you know things need to get fixed behind you? Let's talk! :)

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