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March Madness: In Her Skin by Kim Savage

Today I've got an April release for March Madness (I think it got pushed back), but that's okay, because Kim Savage is super nice and I'm glad I was still able to promote her newest book!


Title: In Her Skin
Author: Kim Savage
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
Release Date: March 27th, 2018!

From Goodreads...
Sixteen-year-old con artist Jo Chastain is about to take on the biggest heist of her life: impersonating a missing girl. Life on the streets of Boston these past few years hasn’t been easy, and Jo is hoping to cash in on a little safety, a little security. She finds her opportunity in the Lovecrafts, a wealthy family with ties to the unsolved disappearance of Vivienne Weir, who vanished when she was nine. 

When Jo takes on Vivi's identity and stages the girl’s miraculous return, the Lovecrafts welcome her back with open arms. They give her everything she could want: love, money, and proximity to their intoxicating and unpredictable daughter, Temple. But nothing is as it seems in the Lovecraft household—and some secrets refuse to stay buried. As hidden crimes come to the surface, and lines of deception begin to blur, Jo must choose to either hold onto an illusion of safety, or escape the danger around her before it’s too late.


10 Terrible YA Book Titles Lifted From Lines in In Her Skin

I admit it: I'm really, really bad at titling my own books. Any title you see attached to my books was not thought up by me, or, in some cases, was my second or third suggestion when my first suggestion was panned. I’m lucky that my lovely editor and agent are always willing to step in and save me from my myself. In the spirit of bad titles, I give you ten terrible Young Adult book titles inspired by lines in In Her Skin. Enjoy!


“I leaned back and pretended I was that girl, that her dimpled bare knees and the suitcase on the bus floor were mine, and that I was going back home to my momma, daddy, and a sister besides. It was a pretty thought. I started to think maybe it was a sign, me seeing that girl, and that my destiny in this life was to have that family.” —Jo, to reader


“The teachers, the shelter counselors, the parole officers: their fatal flaw is that they only want to trust and be trusted.” —Jo, to reader


“I know we’re connected, though anyone looking at us would say you are the un-me—a shiny girl who’s never felt her mother’s boyfriend brush up against her, never devoured a dirty lollipop dropped by a kid in the park, never slept in a bus terminal with a knife under her thigh for protection—you are me, just like me.”  
—Jo, to Temple

4. Available on NetGalley now, under horror…TRAPPED UNDER PLASTIC 

“I flip the ID over. Trapped under plastic, your cheek can’t feel me drag my thumb over it slowly.” —Jo, to Temple


“To speak would encourage Brown Tooth, and I have ten minutes left to mine the Interwebs for your address, where I will paw through your trash for helpful digits.”

6. And it’s sequel, BIG SQUARE TEETH

"The girl’s own hair is the color of butter, and she has big square teeth.” —Jo, to reader

7. Because the word “things” is trendy…UNSPEAKABLE THINGS 

“Momma would tell me to remember when I was a soldier returning from battle. You’ve seen and done unspeakable things, she’d say, and now you are home.” 
—Jo, to reader

8. …though not as trendy as “girl”…THE GIRL IN THE MIRROR 

“Naked and dripping, I clear a circle in the mirror with my knuckles. Great black pupils. Slicked hair. Vulnerable. The girl in the mirror looks frightened by her own imagination. The girl in the mirror looks high. The girl in the mirror looks alone.” —Jo, to reader

9. Also, books about the dark side of the ballet world…TIGHTS-WEARER 

“I shimmy around, uncomfortable sitting on the counter stool in a white collared dress that I would not have picked, but that is clean and nice, and thank God I figured out how to get tights on because Vivi was definitely a tights-wearer.” —Jo, to reader


“The papers will want your story— ‘The Return of Vivienne Weir’—so we’ll have to manage that. You’ll be going to school, sharing our home. It’s a lot for a teenager to adjust to.” —Clarissa Lovecraft, to Jo

That last title, number ten? That was the original title of In Her Skin: The Return of 
Vivienne Weir. Maybe I should have fought for it. What do you think?


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