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March Madness: Second Chance Charmer by Brighton Walsh

I'm so happy about today's March book and author, guys! Brighton's one of my all-time favorites, so I was excited to have her on board for another year! I can't wait to read her newest book about a small town romance between the town's resident bad boy and the Mayor's daughter. :D Below is some more information about the book, and then I'll let Brighton take over to let you guys know why she loves small town romances so much!


Title: Second Chance Charmer (Southern Heat, #1)
Author: Brighton Walsh
Publisher: Brighton Walsh
Release Date: March 19th, 2018!

From Goodreads...
Willow Haven’s content. Okay, that’s a lie, but she has been trying her damndest. Trouble is, it never sticks. Second oldest in a family her town was named after, she’s always felt the pressure. From the townspeople, from her sisters, but most of all from her daddy—the original Good Old Boy and Havenbrook’s reigning mayor. The only time she didn’t feel that stress had been those blissful months spent in the arms of the resident bad boy. The same one who broke her heart beyond repair when he left without a word.

Life hasn’t come easy for Finn Thomas. He’s had to claw and fight for everything he’s ever had—and truth be told, it hasn’t been much. He spent the first eighteen years of his life living so far from the wrong side of the tracks, he couldn’t even see them through his trailer window. The only thing that ever came easy for him and made his sorry ass happy was the one girl he loved with all his heart. And the one thing he had no choice but to leave behind.

When an opportunity arises to return to his tiny, southern hometown and open the first bar in a formerly dry county, he jumps at the chance. That won’t win him points with the mayor, who’s hell bent on making Finn’s life a nightmare for sullying his namesake. But too bad for Mayor Haven, Finn’s got his sights set on more than just the town, and this time he won’t be scared off quite so easily.


Getting Lost in a Small Town Romance

From movies to books to even real life, there is something so magical to me about small towns. Toss a little romance into the mix, and I’m a goner. I loved Gilmore Girls for a million reasons, but right at the top of the list is Stars Hollow. It was its own character in the show, a living, breathing entity viewers loved to get wrapped up in.

The same goes for small town romance novels. To me, there’s just something about reading them that’s the equivalent of getting my mom’s homemade spaghetti, or spending the night curled up on the couch in front of a roaring fire while watching my favorite movie. They are comforting and relaxing in a way that I haven’t found in any other niche. 

And that’s exactly why I decided to write Second Chance Charmer, the first in my upcoming small town romance series, Southern Heat. I loved the idea of molding and crafting my own special place that would make my characters both flourish and fumble. Set in Mississippi, Havenbrook has a picturesque downtown area called The Square, and it’s filled with a wide range of multi-faceted characters that make it a melting pot of personalities and people. 

Another thing that works for small town romance is the built in conflict. Everyone knows everyone’s business, so it’s very hard to keep a secret. That was integral to the plot of Second Chance Charmer, where the mayor’s daughter rekindles her relationship with the town bad boy. Willow and Finn had to dodge interfering siblings, an angry father, and a nosy mail carrier in an effort to keep their status on the down-low. 

In the end, what I set out to do was create a small town that was a character in and of itself. Someplace quaint and beautiful and real. Enough so that readers could easily be transported there in their minds, so they could get lost in a new place as they read. And if there so happens to be some serious romancing going on in that quaint and beautiful small town? Well, all the better. 


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