Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Checking In Again - Finally!

I don't do a monthly recap on the blog, partly because I'm lazy and partly because there isn't usually much to say. But I was inspired by Jamie's If We Were Having Coffee feature (which was inspired by someone else!) to start doing more personal posts on here. And what better way to do that than to recap my month in LIFE instead of just books and blogging? So Checking In will be a monthly feature on here that will help you guys get to know ME better, and hopefully you'll start sharing your own stories with me. :)


Y'all, it's been a long time since I've done one of these posts. Three months of 2018 have already come and gone, and I feel like I'm constantly playing catch-up. But I'm still here and trying and getting excited for Future Things (aka NOLA IN JUNE WITH MY BEST FRIENDS). So anyway, here's what's been up in my life!

It's been full of ups and downs, especially in March. I was feeling good. I thought things were getting better. But it just seems to be going downhill, and I find myself more and more upset about it all. In the first week of March, I was super just d o n e with the place. Like, so done. There was a job that just absolutely destroyed me, and I'd never felt that way before. I don't even know why, because I've done shitty jobs before, but nothing ever turned me that inside out over it. Except this one. BUT I'll still be here, because it's super convenient and the schedule just really works for me so I can pursue my author dreams. It's just that this place used to be more fun, and less stressful, and I don't see a light at the end of the tunnel. It's more stress than it's worth, to be quite honest. But job searching is fucking depressing, and I still need a new car, and I've never had good luck at finding something, and the work is just so easy

And now, two of my friends there are at that point that I was, and unlike me, they'll actually leave. I don't know when, but it's a when, not an if. It's sad. I talk to *most* of the people I work with, but not nearly as much as these two. And one of them is a very close friend of mine now (I can so freely talk to her about almost anything). So it fucking sucks. I'm worried about the months ahead. And I worry what'll change when they finally quit. And I worry that my friend and I would stop talking (though I think we'd both try very hard to not make that happen. Plus her boyfriend will still be here, so I'd have a way to see her because she'd come to Buffalo Wild Wings nights if she can). The other coworker just makes this place more fun for me, and I'd hate it if we stopped talking. And if he goes, another coworker wouldn't stick around. It's just UGH right now, and I'm just trying to take it a day at a time. Hopefully I'll have better news about it in a few months. *crosses fingers*

My Birthday
March was my birthday month! So yay, a little exciting? But not really. I just don't really care about my birthday anymore, and I turned 25 this year, so I'm mostly feeling down about where I'm at in life. It wasn't where I saw myself when I was younger, and I still feel like I'm going at such a slooooow pace, and it just feels like such a big number. But I've also done a lot. idk. It's hard, man. Adulthood just sucks in general.

HOWEVER, I had a particularly fine birth(day). I didn't end up working, which was SO GREAT. (We've had so many mandatory Fridays and weekends that we all get super excited when we have those days off again. It's so sad. Haha). I stayed home and did nothing and ate my favorite pizza and breadsticks and read books to catch up and pass Val (I am currently, at the time this post was published, ahead of Val by two books. *cheers can be heard in the distance*). And I also went out the next day with mom to have lunch with my cousin and aunt. So, it was nice and relaxing!

Health Problems
But theeeeen my birthday weekend kind of got shot to hell. I ended up in so much pain that my mom and uncle took me to the ER that Sunday. I still don't know what the issue is. It lasted, but quietly got better, throughout that week (and I had to miss a few days of work because of it). But it flared up again two weekends later (on another Sunday, if you can believe it). The doctor thought it was just muscular. Maybe I overextended myself through a combination of a bad mattress and physical lifting at my job. However, I don't believe so, and the more I think about it, the more I'm certain it isn't. The week before the second episode was SO EASY at work + I got my new mattress set, and I just can't see why it would've happened again if it was just my muscles? Also, muscle relaxants were not helping me as much as regular pain relievers, so. (Nor were they helping me sleep, which I thought was rude). ANYWAY. I'm going to *my* doctor this Friday, and I'm hoping she can help me at least figure out how I can either prevent or keep the pain at a minimum if it flares up again. I'd love an actual answer, but I know that's not always possible. So yeah, I was dealing with this shit in March too. It has not exactly been fun. 

But! I Finished a Writing Thing!
It's not a book-shaped thing, though. I'd set a deadline for myself back in January that I'd finish rewriting my NaNo novel by the end of March. And, well, it's April and I just hit 15k (in what is probably going to end up a 80-90k book). 😬

Probably, just maybe because I wrote a short story instead. An actual story with a beginning and an ending that I'm absolutely in love with. It's about witches and friendship and how human it is to be a complicated ball of emotions. It's about four teens who do a Thing because of revenge and rage and pain. It's about girls who love each other so fiercely and fully that they use their powers to try to right a wrong except it goes so poorly because witchery is messy, y'all. I love it. So. Much. 

I shared it with my wonderful friends, and they all gave me such love and great comments and I'm feeling super confident about my writing. I CAN do this. I just need to, you know, finish a book first. Haha. As for this short story, I don't know if I'll do anything with it? I was honestly just going to share it on the blog or Wattpad (once I figure out how to copyright it), but my friends think I could submit it somewhere. So, idk. But I'm definitely going to share it, once I edit it some more. (March was really just me rereading and editing and rereading and editing this story. LOL). I'm proud of it, though. Super proud. And I know that this is what I want with my life, so 2018 is the year to make my dreams come true!

How has life been, guys? Do anything exciting? Read some good books? Let's talk! It's been AGES. :)

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