Tuesday, April 24, 2018

My Thoughts and Feels On Season Four of The 100

*graphic made by the lovely Shannon from It Starts at Midnight*

And just in time for the premiere of season 5 today! Always cutting it close, aren't I? Haha. Aaaanyway. I had to step away from The 100 after season 4 ended. Usually I'm so sad that I end up rewatching from the beginning, or at least, rewatching the season that just ended. But I tried doing the latter, and it didn't work. I was kind of... not super happy with the finale, and I felt that 4 wasn't as great plot-wise as it could've been. It certainly had the characterization, though. But while I rewatched, I ended up loving it more than I had the first time, and understanding more of what the show was trying to do. And these are just some of the thoughts and feels I had while undertaking this adventure! :D

♛ I talked with Shannon about this a lot, but I fucking HATED the list storyline. Because of how much it hurt Clarke. She would never defend herself, and it kiiiiilllllled me. No one noticed the differences in penmanship. No one cared enough to see it, because they were content with pitting Clarke as the villain. And she's always the villain, isn't she? Everyone can get out of shit, because they've got Clarke to make the hard decisions, to bear the weight and pain of leadership. They've got it easy. I hurt for her, because you can see how much it destroys her. How much she hates herself for it, and the choices she's had to make throughout the season. But she will bear it so they don't have to. Really, Skaikru doesn't deserve Clarke Griffin.

♛ "You are my people" can we just talk about how Indra sees Octavia as a daughter, as someone like her, as someone with a warrior's heart. She's never coddled O, never accepted anything less than her total commitment and determination, and in the end, Indra's still being her mentor. Her friend. The mother figure Octavia has always needed. She's Trikru, but her love for Octavia transcends that. Indra giving O her family's sword was a super special moment that I cannot ever forget.

♛ Also let's talk about Dark Octavia. The scrappy dreamer who turned into a goddamned bitch queen. Her characterization has been a slow, slow decline into someone who would be considered the villain in any other fictional story. She's not just toying the line; she's not even in the gray area anymore. She's way past that point. And it's a little sad, remembering the bright-eyed kid who just wanted to find somewhere to belong. She tries so hard to be that girl again, but I don't think she'll ever get there. She's been through too much, and she's in pain, and she's got to be the strong one now. She can't show any weaknesses, or she'll be torn apart in the bunker. I'm so nervous where they're going with her character, gah. 

♛ AND LUNA. I didn't understand her before, when the season first started. Not who she was before all of her people died, I got that young woman. No, I'm talking about the woman who showed up at the conclave solely to stop everyone else from surviving the end of the world. I didn't understand her last year. But I do now. She wasn't given much of a choice in saving the human race. She was poked and prodded, and Abby took more of her bone marrow against Luna's will. Luna saw the worst of humanity. She saw what people were capable of, had even run away from her own conclave so long ago because of it, so she decided that they didn't deserve to live. And was she that wrong? Everyone in season four did things beyond what they thought they could do, and all in the name of saving the human race. ESPECIALLY Skaikru. So while Luna was not in the right bc omg seriously *someone* needs to live, I could understand her reasoning. I just hated seeing her go out that way, just because I liked her so damned much and I'm still upset about sea mechanic not becoming a Thing.

♛ I was so, so, so happy when Bellamy and Octavia got to that ending. The Blake siblings hurt me so much because I love them so terribly, and I just want them to be the best friends they used to be. But it was so hard for Octavia after Pike killed Lincoln, and it was hard to watch her over and over again blame Bellamy (when he already blames himself). They've always had a really great bond, and I couldn't watch them so torn-up about each other, and the choices that were made in season three. But that ending was worth all the heartache and all the pain. I can't wait for them to be reunited!

♛ I saw a lot more of Bellamy's own character development on this rewatch. He's constantly beating himself up over his previous choices, over the things he's done that he thought was in the right. He's got such a good heart. It's so clear, after all of these seasons, that Bellamy's intentions are always good. But intentions mean nothing, and he's learning that he can't just keep holding onto the past. He's got to move on. That doesn't mean he has to forget, and he never will, but he can use the rest of his life to make up for it. So he tries. He tries so hard to save everyone he can. But he had to learn a lesson: not everyone wants to be saved. He had to learn to let go. And it's so painful for him to do that, because he just wants to take care of his people. He's always been the leader of the delinquents, and he feels responsible for Skaikru. And for Clarke and Octavia and Jasper and Monty. But Bellamy needs to remember that he needs to come first sometimes. He's just so good, guys. He can't help himself. That's one of the things I love most about him. Ugh. Bellamy Blake has my heart.

♛ And I'm so looking forward to how everyone fares in 5, after what they've made themselves do to survive this past season. Abby, Murphy (who is honestly probably fine considering how much a survivor he is), Miller, Kane, Clarke, Bellamy. They've all faced a hella lot, from having to leave people behind to killing in the name of saving the human race, those of Skaikru especially are going to have a hard time looking at themselves in a mirror. And I'M SO EXCITED FOR THEIR DOWNFALLS. I love morally ambiguous characters, and like every single person on this show is like that. It's my favorite.

♛ I'm going to miss Roan so much.

So yeah, I'm super stoked for the 5th season now, though I'm SCARED. I don't want my faves to die! BUT I DON'T TRUST THE SHOW! THEY KILL OFF ANYONE. Ugh. 

What were your thoughts on season four? Are you going to watch the premiere night? (I'll be at work so I'll have to watch it later *sobs*)

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