Thursday, May 10, 2018

Fierce Reads Spring Tour Recap

I was so fucking happy when I learned that the Fierce Reads spring tour was coming to Michigan! And to Grand Rapids! As y'all know, I've lamented about the fact that publishers don't send authors here very often, so I feel like I got blessed with this event. Because I can drive to Schuler's! And it's Macmillan! BUT I was even more happy because Mary freaking Pearson was one of the authors on it, and guys, her Remnant Chronicles is one of my all-time favorite series. So I could NOT wait to meet her, as well Tricia Levenseller (wanted to meet the others too, but I hadn't read their books, so I focused more on Tricia and Mary). Anyway, I counted the days until March 8th.

I'm lucky with my job, because I was able to take the day off for it. (I could have gone into work, but I was like, well, I'd only be there for like 3 and a half hours, so what's the point? So I asked for it off, and my boss said yes). But when I was on my way, I forgot my fucking phone. So I had to go back for it, and good thing I left with PLENTY of time because omg what an anxious rush. But my friend Theresa saved a seat for me, which didn't even matter because when I got there, there were a lot of empty seats yet. It wasn't as packed as I'd expected, which was great! I felt like it gave us so much time to just *chat* with the authors after the Q&A session, which was SO much fun that I forgot to take notes! Arg. So I'm gonna try to remember as many of the highlights as I can.

  • Mary's upcoming release features a hate-to-love romance, and I am HERE FOR IT.
  • When asked who they'd date in their books, Tricia said Ryden, Maurene mentioned Clara's hot dad (The Way You Make Me Feel), and Mary was swooning over Jace (Dance of Thieves).
  • Tricia spent a vacation on an actual PIRATE SHIP-type cruise in the Bahamas, and omg I want to do that so badly.
  • Maurene said she always gravitates toward the relationships between family and friends first, and then the romances comes into play.
  • Mary and Maurene both mentioned Laini Taylor as one of their favorite authors (AGREED) and Tricia said Leigh Bardugo (again AGREED).
  • Taran's advice for writer's block: stop in the middle of a sentence. A paragraph. A page. Don't finish the chapter you're on, because the next time you start, you'll be staring at a new, blank one. And it's hard to start again.
  • When Mary got her first book deal call (or agent call?), she and her girls danced around the kitchen in excitement, which is a memory she'll never forget.
  • Favorite place to write: Taran said his bed, Tricia her couch, Mary loves writing on the back porch, and Maurene has to go to coffee shops with writer friends to hold herself accountable.
  • Maurene was hugely important to the process of getting Asian women on the covers of her latest books, which YES.
  • Taran actually likes to read reviews of his books, even the bad ones. When asked if he took advice from them, he said he did listen if he felt it was something he should change. 
  • Tricia had originally planned Pirate King/Siren Queen as a trilogy, and when Macmillan bought the series, they thought it should be a duology. And she ended up agreeing with that and was ultimately happy with it being two books.
  • Taran did a lot of writing on Wattpad before he was published, and he said it was great to have people continuously comment on the chapters and even message him being like, "where's the rest?" if he missed a day. It was super encouraging and made him want to keep going.
  • Maurene was asked about the relationship between Clara and her dad (The Way You Make Me Feel) and if it came from a personal place. She mentioned that she and her dad aren't as close as those two, but that they definitely have a sweet and loving relationship. She said it's easier for her to write than the mother/daughter ones because those are so complicated (which amen).
  • Maurene was asked to give flirting advice (she loves it and sometimes wishes she could hop in her friends' bodies to help them out). She said to take charge, that it always surprises boys. And to just be yourself.
  • Taran is British, so his accent is 🙌 (listen, I have priorities)
  • He was so funny and personable that I ended up buying the first book in his Summoner series (even though I hadn't thought I'd like it)
  • I also got Maurene's newest because I wanted to meet her, as well as get the cutest damn food truck pin ever.

After the session, the signings started! It was a little weird at first because I thought they were going to make us go down the line one-by-one and I didn't want to because I hadn't had Maurene's and Taran's books (but they had a lot of copies of the author's books, so I picked up the ones I wanted and didn't have so I wouldn't be empty-handed). But we all just kind of formed two big lines at either end, and then hopped from one author to another. Of course, I picked Mary first because she was my #1 priority. And when I got up to her, she was firstly so surprised because I'd brought my TKOD ARC with me, and secondly, because she'd recognized me!

I figured she would because we follow each other on Twitter, but she knew a lot about my blog too, which was super cool. But she was also just really excited to meet me that it made me feel so good. And she immediately gave me a hug. I was FLOORED. So I got to fangirl over the series with her and meet Brittany, a publicist from Macmillan whom I have worked with for a few years now. We talked Dance of Thieves, and then took pictures. It was the fucking *best* and it's up there with my top meeting-author moments for sure. I never truly expect to be recognized because authors get so many messages and tweets and whatnot daily that you feel as if you're just lost in the shuffle. So to get that sometimes? It's always wonderful. I'M SO HAPPY. She's one of my favorites, and it was just really special.

So like, after that, I was sort of freaking out internally. (Just ask my friends, I was DMing them so much. LOL). I waited a bit, and then Maurene's part of the table opened up, so I hopped over to it. She is so sweet! And then I met Taran and got a signed copy of his first book. I think he thought I was nervous, but I was probably still just A Mess after meeting Mary, tbh. But he was so cool, and he told me that he hopes I'll like it. I was kind of sad I didn't get pictures with either of them, but I was too shy to ask one of the people working the event to help. Anyway, there was a line for Tricia, so I had to wait a bit to meet her. (I DID get a picture with her, but I don't like my face in it. Haha). I told her that I loved her duology and that I'm excited for her next book. She was also funny and nice, and like, I just had such a fabulous time with this group! And it was so nice to see Theresa again and meet Makenna. I LOVE BOOK EVENTS!

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