Monday, May 14, 2018

What I'm Currently Writing, Reading, and Watching

I'm still *slowly* rewriting my NaNo WIP. I wanted to be done with the draft in March... and then April... and well, now it's May and I'm only a little over 22k words. So, it's not good exactly, but I'm constantly working on it. I'd been unhappy with the chapter I was on, but I think I got the scene right for the moment, so I'm excited to move on once it's fully finished (still have to write a bit more of it). Progress is progress, yeah?

I'm also still slowly working on my Arthurian trilogy. I actually have plans for where the series will go, and I'm excited to get there. I LOVE it, but I haven't been writing the first book consistently enough. I'd love to finish this one this year too, but with how I've been doing for the almost first half of the year, I've not got a lot of faith in myself. But 2018 is still the year I'm pursuing my dream career of being an author, so I've got time. I just have to make the most of the rest of it, and I *can* do it if I work hard at it. I know this, so I'm kind of mad at myself that I'm still half-assing it, but again. I've got time.

I've been so moody with my reading choices lately that I've started and stopped so many books. So I currently have a fairly large list to share:

*The Brightsiders by Jen Wilde: it didn't hook me like Queens of Geek so I'd put it aside bc /mood/ so hopefully I get back to it soon because I lovedlovedloved QoG.

*Whisper of the Tide by Sarah Tolscer: I almost wish I'd reread the first book before starting this, but I just don't want to make the time for it? And also because this story is a bit on the slower side. But I'm definitely planning on reading it this month so I can review it for the publisher.

*The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty: I'm always hoping to finish this one on the weekends, but it's just so long, and sometimes dense. However, I really like it so far. I just need to give myself like a day to sink into it!

*Now a Major Motion Picture by Cori McCarthy: I honestly am having issues with the MC and she's the reason I haven't returned to it yet. But I do want to keep going bc I love that it's set in Ireland! Plus her little brother is so cute, and so is the possible love interest.

*To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo: really enjoyable, sassy, and very pirate-y, which makes me happy. I'd hoped to finish this one this weekend, but I don't know if that'll happen now that I started the below book! Haha.

*The King of Bourbon Street by Thea de Salle: this is SUPER entertaining so far, and I see myself finishing it later today!

While I'd waited to hear the Nine Nine news (Brooklyn Nine-Nine got picked up by NBC within a day after being cancelled by Fox because Twitter broke out in a rage, by the way), I started rewatching Timeless. I'd watched a few episodes awhile ago, but never kept up with it because I didn't have a way to watch it. But now that I have Hulu, I was able to get back to it. And omg it's SO GOOD. Like I'm currently watching the episode with Houdini and Holmes in it. Gah. It makes my history nerd heart happy. 

I also love that it poses some deep and serious questions and that it acknowledges things in the past that weren't okay (like slavery). It asks you how far you'd be willing to go to save someone you love. It wonders at the question: would you change history if you could? One of the main characters, Lucy, is so staunchly of the opinion that history should be kept the same, but Rufus and Wyatt (the other main characters) dabble in that gray area. But while chasing this asshole across time, they've all been put in difficult situations that truly test who they are as people. There is just like so much depth to these people and to the show, which I love. Rufus is a precious cinnamon roll, Wyatt is the gun-toting hardass who has a soft interior, and Lucy's the stubborn professor who can't stop fangirling over historical figures she loves (which same girl, saaaame). They're very different people, but they somehow WORK as a team, and they come to care for each other so much. I'm really into everything about this show, and I'm eagerly waiting news for its renewal. *crosses fingers*

What have you guys been up to lately? Any good shows/movies or books? Anything I *need* to see or read? Let's talk! :)

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