Wednesday, July 4, 2018

A Little Blogging Update


just kidding, I've already met a lot of you, and I've found lasting friendships through this blog. And that's an *amazing* thing. But lately, I've felt very meh about this whole thing. And part of it is mood. Part of it is the state of this country. And part of it is because of other, important things such as life and work. And while I hope to get back into the swing of things this summer, I just don't see that happening very soon. So I wanted to let you guys know a little bit about why, and give you an update on something super important!

1) if you've wondered why you haven't been able to comment, or why you can't SEE a commenting place, know that you're not alone. Because, SURPRISE, IntenseDebate quit working on me. It was very touch-and-go for awhile there, but around May, it 100% failed me. But fear not! I'm *going* to install Disqus... just AS SOON AS I can figure out how to get rid of IntenseDebate for good. I currently do not know how, so I'm emailing their support because going through their website is not fucking working for me. Hopefully, at some point this month, I'll have Disqus up and running. But until then, omg I'm so sorry you won't be able to comment if you want to. Feel free to email me ( or find me on Twitter if you'd like to talk!! I absolutely love discussing books, both ones I hated and ones I loved, so don't hesitate to reach out. I know my readership has been down, but I see those of you who have stuck around, and I appreciate you more than you'll know.

2) I've been focusing more on my writing. This shouldn't be as much a surprise as the comments, given how much I talk about my writing on here, and on Twitter. But what you might not know is that I've gotten more serious about it this year than I have in the past. Because, y'all, my dream is to be a full-time author. I want this to be my CAREER. And while, yes I'm young and I have time, I don't. Not really. Because if I want to get to a place in publishing where I can justify quitting my job and writing full-time, I've gotta start sooner rather than later. And I WANT to start sooner rather than later, because man, I've got so many books I wanna write and publish. I want to build a legacy. But to do that, something had to give. And unfortunately, that's blogging. I just don't have the time and energy for both of them, unless I truly have something to post about. And frankly, I don't? I have plenty of ideas and I've always wanted to steer away from being a blog completely about books, but my creative well has run dry.

And maybe that's not suuuuch a bad thing, given that I'm pursuing my dream this year. But to do that, I have to actually finish a damn book. AND I WILL! I FUCKING WILL! Because I'm *hoping* to enter the wonderful Pitch Wars in August with a completed-as-best-as-I-can-make-it manuscript and start the query process. But to do that, I basically need to be EVEN SCARCER here on the blog. Which is sad, but not nearly as sad as it'd be if I make it through 2018 without so much as a finished WIP. So, yes, writing first. Blogging.... fourth or fifth. HOPEFULLY by the end of July, I'll have good news. But until then, I'm around on Twitter (@skizzles22) and I'll be posting here-and-there when I feel like it. :)

A bit rambly, but all this to say that I haven't given up this space completely. I just need time!! Thanks for being here for me through everything. <3 See you soooooon, my friends.

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