Wednesday, September 19, 2018

ARC August Wrap-Up

Yes, yes, the challenge has been over for quite a bit, but I just never got around to posting my wrap-up! And I didn't have to write one, but I enjoy doing it. Between work and finishing my first ever book and editing and entering said book into Pitch Wars, I wasn't able to read as many ARCs as I had wanted to. I finished one that I'd started back in July, and then I read 10 more, which was lower than my goal. But I was still okay with it given all that I'd gotten done in August! :D Anyway, here are the books I read.

Both of these books made me laugh and gave me ALL THE FEELS. It's been SUCH a strong year for contemporary!

I was SO happy when I got my trade of The Gilded Wolves in August; I devoured it as soon as it showed up, to be honest. So fucking good 😍 I also really adored Lady's Guide, and Wildcard was a wild ride omg.

With these ones, they didn't become favorites, but I was still glad I read them!

This pile just really means those books that I don't have strong feelings about and I don't have much to say about them. But as you can see, I enjoyed/loved MOST of the ARCs I read back in August. 😄

Did you participate in ARC August too? If so, how did you do and did you read any of these books too? Let's talk! :)

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