Tuesday, October 2, 2018

(103) Top Ten Authors I Still Need to Meet

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This week's topicAuthors I’d Love to Meet

I have been SO, SO incredibly lucky to have met so many of my favorite authors in the past few years. All because of book conferences like ALA and BEA and tour events and signings! But there are still some who are elusive, who I've missed at previous cons, and who I would dearly love to meet at least once in my life.

1. Nora Roberts
I've been reading her the longest out of anyone, especially pre-book blogging days. I've devoured a lot of her backlist, and while her newest stuff isn't as good, I'm still such a fan. And I would die to meet her. Her books got me through some of the worst parts of my life, and high school. I'd probably sob before even saying hello.

2. Mindy McGinnis
I haven't loved all of her books, but she's one author that I consistently read every time she's got a new one out. 

3. Brighton Walsh
Not only do I love her books, but I love her person too. I've been a part of her street team for years, and it's high time we got to meet!

4. Rachel Harris
I've also been a part of Rachel's squad for YEARS, probably is still the longest-running time I've ever spent on an author's street team. It's been awhile since I've read one of her books, but I'm so excited for the new one, and I'd LOVE to meet her someday.

5. Michelle Smith
Play On is a book of my heart. I love it so much, and I adore Michelle. I must meet her so I can flail about her book in person. (We'd probably make each other cry, tbh. I'm telling you, this book has my heart).

6. Melina Marchetta
MELINA. Every time I think about the fact that she lives in Australia, I want to die. It makes me feel as if I'll never get to meet her. And I NEED to. Her books have fundamentally helped shape my own writing, and they all hold special places in my heart. Especially the Lumatere Chronicles. 😍 I'd probably cry in front of her, though.

7. K.A. Tucker
I'm still so sad that I missed her during my first BEA (2015). She's in Canada, so I don't know how often it is that she travels to the states for events. And while I haven't read one of hers in a long time, I'm still such a fan. She's been one of my favorite New Adult authors, ever since Ten Tiny Breaths.

8. Claire Legrand
I also missed her this year at ALA annual, and I WAS SO UPSET. I adore her and her books, and I'd really hoped to, but I forgot the signing was in a different location. And that it was happening. LOL. Next time!

9. Kasie West
Though I stopped collecting her ARCs, and though I haven't read her newest ones yet (and I've fallen a bit out of love with her books), I still really want to meet her. Her older contemporaries were some of my absolute faves.

10. Stacey Lee
I love her books! I still haven't read Secret of a Heart Note, but her historical fictions are AMAZING AND Y'ALL GET ON THEM.

Honorable mentions: C.G. Drews and Dahlia Adler

Who are YOU still dying to meet? Have you met any of these lovely people yet? Let's talk! :)

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