Wednesday, December 19, 2018

From the Den: November Edition

From the Den is a feature to showcase the books that I don't post reviews for on the blog, whether I liked them or not. I read so many books that never make it onto The Fox's Hideaway, so I wanted a feature where I could still tell y'all about them. :)


I read the least amount of books in November than in any other month. Which was SAD, but I just got into such a rut, and I was trying to work on my Arthurian fantasy. But I still mostly liked what I read, and here's a few of them!

Finding Baba Yaga
I love books in verse, but I didn't love this. It's probably because I don't know *that much* about Baba Yaga. But still, I did enjoy it.
Rating: 3 Paw Prints!

I was honestly just really glad that this one had a slow-burn romance, that it actually gave the characters the space and time to trust and come to love one another. (It's not a pretty relationship, but it's one that works for them). But I just got so annoyed with Pestilence, his lack of concrete info, and his self-righteous attitude. I mean, it makes SENSE, but I didn't care about it. You have to give me more than the humans deserve it. We do, and so I know this tried to show that we also deserve compassion and mercy, but I don't think the execution was there at times. And man, it took me a long while to get through this book. But I liked it! I'm also curious about War's story.
Rating: 3 Paw Prints!

Beneath the Citadel
That first chapter was honestly one of the best I've ever read, and I was already like, I WILL DIE FOR THESE CHARACTERS. And I still would, but somehow this didn't quite hit me in the feels like I'd hoped it would. But I adored this group of individuals SO MUCH. Bisexual, loyal Evander. Quiet, sensitive Newt. Sharp, smart Alys. Headstrong, stubborn Cassie. Even Vesper, whom we don't come to know as well. But it was really slow at times, and this world based on these prophecies felt a little heavy-handed. And like I said, it didn't sucker-punch even when it SHOULD have. I'm still having mixed feelings regarding the ending, and I don't know. I didn't feel quite that satisfied. However, I still enjoyed the book, and I love Destiny's writing!
Rating: 3.5 Paw Prints!

What books did YOU read in November? Have you read any of these yet? If so, what did you think of them? :)

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