Monday, December 17, 2018

I Can't Believe I've Been Blogging for Six Years

So hey, The Fox's Hideaway turned six back in November! omg! I know I say this like every year, but I really didn't have expectations going into blogging. In fact, this didn't even start out as a book blog! I needed an outlet to talk about college stuff because I wasn't making friends with my roommates very fast, and I've ALWAYS been a writer. So I made a blog for that. But then I started reading and reviewing those books (for a giveaway, no less). I changed its name and got into the community. And the rest is, as they say, history.

These six years have seen me through some of the best times and some of the not-so-great moments of my life. It saw me through college, to the end of a long road where I left with a Bachelor's degree in psychology I don't plan on using and one friend (who I sadly haven't seen in years). It saw me through some of my worst depressive spirals, the stress of trying to get a job, and the off-and-on stress of my job now. It saw me fall down on my face and pick myself back up to try again. It saw me through it all.

I can't say I've been happy with it ALL the time over the years. I've had my moments of wanting to quit, of wishing if I'd just done a few things differently in the beginning then maybe I'd be further than I am. I've gained some of the best friends I've ever met, and I've also lost friends. I've made mistakes and subtweeted and wanted what other people have had so badly sometimes. And it hasn't always been an easy ride. So I never thought I'd reach this point of where I'm super satisfied with my place in the blogging world.

I think this year I just let go. I decided that I would keep blogging until I started publishing books (because I definitely cannot review like this if I'm an author, it would feel too weird). I accepted Past Me and all her messed-up glory and moved forward. I'm not perfect, but I try to do what I can. I just love talking about books so much, and I truly love what I do on here, even though I know my readership is down. Sometimes I feel like I'm shouting into a void where no one's listening, but I know that's not true even if my brain tells me otherwise.

I also got back into working with publishers more often, and I really didn't think I'd still be able to make contacts and receive cool ARCs, after so long of not trying and of never quite moving beyond "small blog" status. It's been so fun, but I feel really chill about everything, something that was hard for me in the past. And emailing's getting even easier to do. I've adored working with authors, too, and I plan on bringing back March Madness again in 2019. Amid all the rough moments, I've done as well as I could this year.

I don't know where I'll be next November, but it's okay, I'm just rolling with the punches. I'm going to try to post more, for sure, and that is really my only goal? Aside from interacting more within the community (and actually replying and talking to the people I follow on Twitter! LOL I'm so bad at this. I've been such a lurker since 2016). My biggest blogging dream is blurbing a book or having a review be quoted on it. But I've surpassed all of my previous expectations. And I'm so proud of myself for what I've done and what I've accomplished!

Also, thank you guys. Thank you for continuing to follow me and talk to me and comment on here. I can't tell you how often reading a sweet tweet or comment has brought me back up after I've been feeling down about the blog. This community is the reason I'm still here, and I couldn't ever leave it, even if my life changes next year. 2018 has been a fucking rollercoaster of emotions, but The Fox's Hideaway is still my safe spot, and my favorite hobby. And I can't wait to see what the new year brings for my tiny corner of the internet. <3

Lastly, a few giveaways to celebrate! I'm hosting a (international) Harry Potter-themed one on Twitter, which you can enter at here.

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