Thursday, December 20, 2018

My Favorite Episodes from Season 3 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

On the whole season 3 is really great, but I don't love it as much as the second. There are still so many laughs and sweet, emotional moments. But some of the storylines just weren't my favorite. Here's to my best-of list!

8. Bureau (episode 22)
Captain Holt x2! The squad taking on Figgis and breaking into the FBI to steal a file. Some good stuff here!

7. Into the Woods (episode 6)
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(I really tried to find a gif of the cuddle, but I couldn't *sobs*)

Jake wants to give Terry a good weekend, so the two of them + Boyle head up to a cabin, and it IS A DISASTER. But they have a great cuddle together and end up having fun, too. Amy enlists Gina's help for a presentation, and y'all like, I love their relationship. It's something that builds up every season, and it's so genuine, even when they don't agree or like each other. But omg the best part was Holt and Rosa having a secret cry in his office. I forgot how much they go through together, and it just gives me even more feels remembering how fabulous he was about Rosa coming out as bi. And how they have that strong connection being queer. *sobs*

6. Yippee Kayak (episode 10)
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Jake forgets to get Charles a present, so he enlists the help of Gina to go shopping on Christmas Eve, but then Charles invites himself along, and now they're hostages in a robbery at the store. I loved watching them take down the criminals. And when Terry said, those are my people in there!" I got all the feels. "The squad is my family, and I'll always protect my family." 😭😭 And omfg that ending when Gina got her flamethrower moment? D E A D.

5. The Cruise (episode 13)
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Doug Judy is back at it, folks, and Jake is determined to catch him this time! AND JAKE AND AMY SAY I LOVE YOU FOR THE FIRST TIME! And Holt does something really wonderful for his sister because even if he doesn't understand or care, he'll do anything for someone he cares about. SO MUCH EMOTION. I CRY.

4. Halloween, Part III (episode 5)
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I still have more love for part II, but this one was amazing in the fact that Amy outsmarted all of them and made Jake and Holt realize that they were being assholes to her. She deserved better from both of them in that episode, and they recognized that, and I'm SO glad she stole the crown. GO AMY SANTIAGO!

3. The 9-8 (episode 15)
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The Nine-Nine has to share their precinct, and it does NOT go over very well. It's just so fucking funny when the squad ends up outside on the roof because they get space and quiet. And that fight! HAHAHAHA. But omg I'm such a Charles. I get jealous with friend things. Or, I used to. (I'm better at it). And it's just like, he is genuinely such a good friend and he LOVES his friends and he just wants to be Jake's bestie. Damn it, Jake, let him be your bestie!! Also guest star Damon Wayans Jr. for the win!

2. Boyle's Hunch (episode 3) 
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For that Tarantula beginning alone (I was eating a donut while this happened, and I almost choked and died, true story, I AM NOT LYING). But the rest of the episode is funny as hell too. I love the whole Boyle finding-his-soulmate-in-prison thing, and the Lady Hunch song he and Jake make up, and Rosa and Terry teaming up to solve the case of the ice cream thieves. (I'd be pissed too, Rosa). Plus it was great to see that Holt's job with the PR department can bring about change and tackle the mistakes real life police have made too.

1. Cheddar (episode 18)
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Holt is refusing to go to Paris, and Jake just can't take that. Holt needs some time with Kevin! So he volunteers himself, Amy, and a Boyle who can't see after eye surgery to watch Cheddar for him. And oh man, does it go horribly wrong (which always means you're gonna get a bunch of laughs). But that ending was so fucking sweet, and omg the weird sexual energy between Diaz and Pimento was HILARIOUS. I don't ship them *at all* but I didn't mind them together for a time.

I'm hoping to finish this rewatch before the new season starts in January! (I'm in the middle of #4 now, eep!). What were some of your favorite episodes in season 3? Would any of these make your list? Let's talk about the best show ever! :)

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