Monday, December 31, 2018

The Year of Devouring Romance

For my personal series-a-month challenge, I ended up reading a bunch of romance! And man, it felt good to get back into this genre in 2018. I haven't read as much of it, it feels like, in recent years. And I don't know why???? I'm going to make 2019 the year of ALL THE ROMANCE. Anyway, this isn't all that I read but I talked about all the rest. And you should really get on these books if you haven't already!

NOLA Nights
do you like:
*queer characters
*fat MCs
*guys who tell Dad Jokes really well
*women who aren't afraid to ask for what they want
*erotic-ish romance

then this series is for YOU!

Forbidden Hearts
if you love books that:
*make you cry
*make you feel ALL THE FEELINGS
*have queer characters
*have a family that will destroy you with their secrets and pain
*have very warm and loving romances, albeit angsty ones
*have complicated! relationships!

then what are you waiting for? GET ON THIS SERIES, PLEASE.

True North
if you like:
*found and blood families
*grandpas who are very cheeky before coffee
*gruff and grumpy guys who aren't assholes
*frank discussions about addiction, dreams, money, sex, relationships, etc.
*people who will fight for those they care about and not take any shit
*virgin! male! in! romance!
*apple orchards

then you should really check out Sarina Bowen's series because it is so GREAT. There are more books in it, but I decided to just show my favorites. :D The first book, Bittersweet, is freeeee as an ebook!

The Wallflowers 
if you're a fan of:
*historical romance
*funny characters!
*brooding and rough-and-tumble men
*ladies snatching up husbands that will ~save~ them (being cheeky, I just love that this was all about husband-hunting. LOL)
*sex positivity
*women who aren't afraid to break free from the bonds of society

then you need to try Secrets of a Summer Night! It's not my fave, which is why I left it off, but the series on the whole is SO GOOD.

Also, I really need to talk about the Beyond series by Kit Rocha (a coauthor duo) because I haven't done it yet even though I read most of the books in the first third of the year. It's super queer, super good, and super erotic. And the first book, Beyond Shame, is forever free as an ebook! I love them so much.

Did you read any romance books this year? If so, what have been your FAVORITES? I need all the recs! :)

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