Thursday, January 10, 2019

Catching Up and Discussing the Latest BK99 Season

So I started doing this post like all my other Brooklyn Nine-Nine posts, but then something happened: I wanted to put almost every single episode on my favorites list. This is, by far, the best season. I don't think I quite realized that until I actually took the time to feel my feels and analyze what the show is doing well and right. And it's like season 5 took everything I love about these characters, and continued to develop them into well-rounded, real people that I would die for. (*Gina voice* not kidding).

Most notably this season is Jake. Technically, I feel like he's the main character, the center that brings everybody else in. And season 5 focuses on him A LOT, which I was glad about. He's a character who hides everything behind sarcasm and self-deprecation, but he's such a good person who is so loyal and cares about his friends. But this time, he's changed a bit. Prison was difficult, and I think it really shaped who he's becoming. I'm happy the show didn't just bring things back to normal. He and Rosa both needed time to process it. And that's 100% okay.

He's come a long way from the fuckboi who rushed into danger headfirst in season one, and who seemed to always find a way to never deal with anything. But season 5 Jake is emotional, accepts when he messes up and tries to do better, and is just doing his best. And I LOVE the moments when Holt acts like his dad. They give Jake everything he never got from his own father, and he really needs to hear Holt say he's proud of him sometimes. And that's okay too!!

Another character that this season did right by was Rosa Diaz. Rosa coming out as bi, and being accepted and having it be a huge part of the storyline for a few episodes, helped so many people feel seen on comedy TV. "Every time someone steps up and says who they are, the world becomes a better, more interesting place." sobbing all over again. There's that Rosa/Holt dynamic coming into play again, which is one of my favorite things. And the squad also backs her up, and is there for her when she needs them. Like when she was involved in an active shooter situation, and all they could do was wait to hear from her. It was torture watching everyone go through that, but that ending more than made up for it. *sniffs* I just. Love them all. 
*source credit: Medium*

This season also gets EVEN MORE relevant. And continues its deep social commentary through good humor and a squad who supports one another completely and unconditionally. It constantly and consistently tackles discrimination of gender and race and sexuality, especially in the work place. When Jake was in prison, they used that to discuss how awful it is for transgender individuals, but not in a way that minimized it. Just, a quiet moment of acknowledgement. Of course it's not perfect, but it tries without resorting to nasty one-liners and teasing. They're not afraid to dig into what this country is like today, but they do so in a way that feels natural, but necessary, and like a clapback against this presidency. I LOVE IT. 

ANYWAY. The Highlights:
*All the high fiving
*the Vulture vulturing
*the weird but good dad hug
*Kevin throwing away that pie because he was afraid that if he said it was The Worst, his and Holt's date drives would end, and he didn't want that
*Sharpen your swords and string your bows, the beasts have gone awaaaaay
*the show making fun of diversity panels that only have old cishet white men on them!!! omfg and the hard truths about what it means being a writer!
*bisexual Rosa (I also believe that Jake is bi, there have been so many little hints and comments, and when he was giving her that speech she should use for her parents? OOF I felt it)
*FAMILY GAME NIGHT *cries bc it's so beautiful*
* this amazing Backstreet Boys opening

*credit to the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Youtube channel*

*Amy's real-life husband guest starring as a sexy puzzler genius
*Kevin and Jake becoming friends after their stint in protection
*Amy becoming a sergeant! My girl is moving up in the world, and I'm so damned proud of her.
*Boyle lifting Terry up after he hurt himself omg
*Jake's terrible, misunderstood half-sister, Kate
*Amy and Rosa going wedding dress shopping! It was very short, but I still loved it
*credit to Brooklyn 99 tumblr*

*Jake calling Rosa his best friend 😭
*any time Rosa and Amy team up together!
*credit to the official Brooklyn Nine-Nine account

*TERRY MATCHMAKING ROSA AND GINA RODRIGUEZ OMG!! I'd never watched the wedding episode before, so was all new to me. And everything that could go wrong DID go wrong, and oh, I felt so bad. But that was the most perfect wedding, and probably my favorite in television. It being at the precinct! Holt telling Jake and Amy that he loves them, and them asking him if they can say it back just this once. Charles saving the day! It had everything, EVERYTHING, I love about this show and its characters in it.
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BUT I'M NOT OKAY WITH THAT FUCKING CLIFFHANGER!! I am actually so, so nervous about the new season because it's with a different network. And because it's only like 13 episodes. I hope it brings the same kind of energy as its predecessors, and I hope I keep falling even more in love with this show and its people. ♥

I hope you've enjoyed my posts about BK99! I'll probably do another one at the end of season 6, but for now, let's celebrate because it's First Episode Day, yayyyy! :)

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