Monday, May 13, 2019

From the Den: April Edition

From the Den is a feature to showcase the books that I don't post reviews for on the blog, whether I liked them or not. I read so many books that never make it onto The Fox's Hideaway, so I wanted a feature where I could still tell y'all about them. :)


I've been even more moody lately with reading (which is why I'm ~currently~ in the middle of like 5 different books right now), so I keep hopping around. I mostly read the two Poppy War books and the Splintered series, but here's what else I got to!

A Underwhelming Thriller
stop using mental illness as a convenient backdrop for your edgy thrillers 2k19. Ugh, it was bad, and I didn't care for the voice or the main character. Yes, he was unreliable, and I wanted to know where the story was going, but I just didn't find it compelling at all. I thought this wasn't really any different from anything I've read in this genre. The abrupt, long ending was kind of weird, because Annabelle and Sean never actually fell in love so I didn't believe it. And the plot twist didn't surprise me, which is kind of key for stories like this. This was SUCH a disappointment.
Rating: 2 Paw Prints!

A Shakespeare Novella
To be honest, The Tempest is one of my least favorite Shakespeare plays that I've read. I've never really liked it, and I don't remember a whole lot about it. But I wanted to read this because of the f/f romance (!!), the fact that it's a Shakespeare retelling, and because I did remember a bit about the original play. At least the main characters, and some of the main events. So I don't know if this is part of the play, or if it starts directly after that ends. But I quite liked it a lot! This story about a sheltered girl with an abusive, controlling father, and a past she doesn't understand. Miranda wasn't afraid to take back her life, though, and make her own decisions, and she chose to put her own happiness first, when she had never been given leave to do so. The romance was sweet, the mystery kept me curious throughout, and that ending was wonderful! 
Rating: 3 Paw Prints!

A Schwab Graphic Novel
I tried to read the first issue, via kindle, and that went so poorly that I knew I'd have to wait until the volumes were out. I still kinda want to collect the issues themselves, but we'll see, because this isn't completely to my tastes. The artwork IS really lovely, but sometimes it's hard to follow. But god, I love this series and its world, I need to know ALL OF IT.
Rating: 3.5 Paw Prints!

What books did you end up reading in April? Have you read any of these yet? What'd you think of them? Let's talk! :)

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